It would be hard for a person living in the state of Colorado to not have heard stories about the discovery of radon in residential areas across the state. There are also radio ads and magazine articles in prominent publications which talk about some of the health risks which radon can impose on people. The word is out there that radon can be readily found in Colorado and that it can be deadly. The appearance of radon in the media in such high levels is no accident, it is in fact part of a state sponsored campaign aimed at educating the public about the dangers of radon, and getting more people to have home inspection done or the deadly toxin. In this article we attempt to further push the importance of radon testing in residential areas by listing a few reasons why radon inspection should be done sooner than later. Anyone who after reading this article decides that they want to have their home or property tested for radon , should visit one of the local testing agency’s websites such as, www.abetterhomeinspectioncolorado.com, or contact their municipality for further information on the topic.

Radon is not a static problem which can be addressed with the same ease a year from now as it may be able to be dealt with today. One of the oldest and longest lasting misconceptions about radon contamination is that it is isolated to a specific area, and that it doesn’t spread. The truth of the matter is that radon contamination is a ticking time bomb when it comes to containment. The earth is constantly shifting and that means the gases, minerals and other substances within the earth are shifting as well. If a radon contaminated area isn’t found in good time, the contamination zone could spread across a much larger area. The danger of radon contamination spreading is especially sensitive when an area is near a river or stream. Radon in the ground is the easiest for of contamination to deal with, followed by a leak that has gotten into the air. Once radon reaches a flowing body of water, contamination control becomes a much more tedious task. People should also move fats to have their property tested for radon in consideration for their neighbors. Radon inspection in one person’s home could help prevent radon from spreading to other people’s property in the area.

Radon inspections are also important because of the fact that radon exposure is detrimental to the heath based on the length of time a person lives with exposure to radon. If a person is able to find and contain radon contamination quickly, they are at little risk of developing some of the horrible health conditions which have been linked to radon exposure. Radon is like smoking, the faster the toxin can be eliminated from a person’s life, the less risk that individual has of getting sick. People who are already suffering from health issues related to radon exposure also stand to improve their health a great deal once they have eliminated radon from their lives.

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