Where do custom fire trucks come from?

We see them all over the place – miraculous looking fire engines, ambulances, and specialized rescue vehicles that help brave men and women get their jobs done.  But where do they come from?  These vehicles seem to be so specialized and even customized that they can’t just be from a car dealership, right?  That’s right of course.  There are companies that create from scratch or refurbish specialized rescue vehicles for police departments, fire departments, hospitals, and similar agencies that need such automobile beasts.  BME (Boise Mobile Equipment) is one of those companies that provides truly the best.

A custom fire apparatus needs a lot of moving parts and specialties to get emergency services to its patrons as soon as possible.  These could include virtually anything – such as ladders, GPS, water hoses, seating, and even a compartment for the fire dog’s custom fire apparatussupplies.  Tenders are tank trucks that carry enough water for a large fire, and as BME states, they are a “great alternative to meet your department’s water needs.”  These tanks are made of steel or poly and can be rectangular or elliptical and hold between 1000 to 3000 gallons of water.  And depending on your department’s needs, one side or both sides can come with customized options, such as a dry section or storage.  All BME trucks are designed with the users in mind, so they come with many different options to choose from.  And they always encourage their customers to give input into the design process so that they will be completely happy with the end result.  Some departments have unique responsibilities and requirements that could be helped with a specialized truck.

Another water option for a department is a pumper, better for inner city use.  But again, all these trucks can and will be customized so there is much flexibility with how they can turn out.  Plus, Boise Mobile Equipment faithfully offers a 10 year warranty on all of their vehicles.  Don’t need something custom?  Save money, time, and the environment by opting for a refurbished vehicle rather than a new one.  There are plenty that are only a few years old and have all of the options and custom features that you could need.  Any fire truck manufacturer knows that these vehicles are everything to the department.  Literally no fires can be fought or people could be rescued without the fire truck itself, so it needs to be in perfect running condition at all times.  These vehicles need to be the most dependable of any that the fire fighters have ever owned.

So now you know the answer to a question that people ask themselves all of the time.  Rescue vehicles like ambulances, fire trucks, and police cruisers aren’t just found at car dealerships.  They are almost always customized to meet the requirements of the company and to be absolutely reliable in every situation.  Boise Mobile Equipment has been in this business for decades and creates specialized products for their clients that will save lives and get the job done every time.

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