When a crisis strikes, it’s best to have a professional crisis management team behind you.

http://www.dovetailsolutions.comJust about every company, no matter its size, will experience some sort of crisis during its existence. All crises are something that has to be dealt with, but the vast majority of them the company knows it will be able to withstand. Of course, there are some crises that are so bad that it brings into question whether or not the business is even going to be able to continue to operate. For example, the recent issues with people getting sick after eating at Chipotle have brought into question the viability of the business in certain parts of the country. Chipotle has consistently lost money for a couple of weeks now, and if they continue to do so some of the less profitable stores are going to have to be shut down. The problem that businesses make is having the crisis in the first place, it’s forgetting to prepare for something that they know is going to happen. No business owner should be naive enough to believe that a crisis can’t happen to them. In many cases, crises that happen to businesses are totally out of the control of the business. Even if owners and managers do everything in their power to keep a crisis from happening, eventually something is going to happen. It happens to just about everybody. Thus, allowing something to happen isn’t the bad part; the bad part is not planning for it properly. Every single business in the country, no matter it’s size, should have a professional crisis management firm, team, or company behind them. They should have someone on their payroll whose job it is to do damage control should a crisis occur. These are the people that are going to talk to the public about the crisis, are going to help protect the image of your brand while the crisis is going on, and are going to help you get back on track once the crisis is over. In essence, they are the people who will guide you through the entire process, telling you what you should be talking about with the media and helping you to draw attention to other things. Since most crisis management companies are excellent at public relations, that’s typically what they specialize in in a broader sense. Thus, companies don’t have to seek out a specific company to do crisis management for them, but instead can simply find an excellent public relations company that also happens to specialize in crisis management. One such company in the Denver area is dovetail solutions. They are one of the top public relations companies in the state and they have a superb understanding of all things related to crisis management. They know how to help you and your company talk about your crisis, how you should be interacting with the press, and what steps you should be taking to avoid something like this happening again. If your company is going through a crisis and you don’t know what to do, reach out to dovetail solutions immediately.

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