What you can find when you test your water

Water testing nowadays is vital as you never know what you will find in your water supply. If you are looking to find out what exactly is in your water, then there are many ways to test it. First, you can purchase a water testing kit in order to get a better idea of the contaminants that your water contains. The water testing kit will have water testing strips that you will place in your water. The strips will turn colors based off the reactants on them and the chemicals in your water. If you have something in your water, then it may show up on your water testing kits. However, this is not a foul-proof option and will not always show everything that is in your water. water test

The next option for water testing is to send a sample off to an independent testing facility that can be used for a variety of tests such as food tests, water tests, and pharmaceutical tests. This is the ideal way to have your water tested as they will ensure that it has been screened for every possible chemical or toxin. However, you may be wondering why you need to have your water tested in the first place (Detroit?). Listed here are several of the many things that you may find lurking in your water supply:

  1. Bacteria. There can be bacteria found in your water supply, whether harmful or not, it is still a nuisance either way. Any types of bacteria can also release sulfur and iron in your water supply as well which is another reason to test for it.
  2. Harmful bacteria. There is annoying bacteria, such as those that release iron and sulfur in your water supply and then there is harmful bacteria. The harmful bacteria is the type of bacteria that can make you very sick. This can include fecal coliform and fecal streptococci.
  3. Iron. You may also find high levels of iron in your water. This may give your water a strange color, such as a yellow or orange color and may cause your water to taste bitter.
  4. Manganese. You may also find manganese in your water supply as this is something that can cause your water to turn black or even purple. It tastes bitter as well.
  5. Sulfur. Your water may also contain sulfur, which will smell like rotten eggs and can either be naturally occurring or may be caused by bacteria.
  6. Lead. You may also find lead in your water supply. This is very dangerous and may be caused by your piping.

As you can see, these were just a few of the many different types of contaminants that you can find in your water supply. It is important that you test your water supply in order to ensure that you are not drinking these things on a regular basis! There can also be signs of pharmaceuticals that can leak into the water as well so it is vital to have your water tested.

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