For many people having any kind of oral surgery can seem like a real nightmare, and while no one wants to have to spend the day in an oral surgery clinic, the majority of fear that people feel towards most oral surgery is misplaced. One of the most common forms of oral surgery, and one of the ones which the average person is most likely to have to undergo is having wisdom teeth removal. Yes, it’s that dreaded moment when you go into the doctor’s office because you have been having some pain in your mouth, and the dentists tell you that you will need to get your wisdom teeth taken out. Don’t panic; wisdom tooth removal is not half as bad as you think it is. Below we have created a brief overview of what to expect when you are told that you will need to have your wisdom teeth taken out, so that if that moment does arrive you can better understand how simple the operation is.

The first thing that will happen when you are told that you will need wisdom tooth removal is that y will be referred to an oral surgeon. A normal dentist can tell you when you need to have your wisdom teeth extracted, but they cannot perform the task themselves unless they are also oral surgeons. The dentist will probably give you the number of a person you can call for a consultation. In the case that your dentist doesn’t put you in contact with an oral surgeon, you can easily find one online. At sites like www.peakoms.com, you can write or call a team that includes the services of experienced oral surgeons that can take care of your operation.

When the big day finally arrives you will need to be accompanied by another person, since you must be released into the care of someone when you finish the surgery. You will be under general anesthesia during the operation and that means you will not be 100% clear headed for a few hours after it is done. One of the most common fears about getting any kind of oral surgery, especially window tooth removal, is that it is really going to hurt. The truth is that the modern wisdom tooth removal operation is very comfortable compared to what it was like in the past.  During the actual operation the patient is asleep, so no discomfort is felt while the teeth are taken out, and during recovery there are a number of drugs that keep the patient from experiencing any serious discomfort. The soreness you might feel during recovery time is probably on the level of a small tooth ache.

Once the operation is done then you will have a day or two to spend eating ice cream and watching movies at home. Some people decide to go straight back to work after getting their wisdom teeth removed, but a day or two off work is typically recommended. No solid foods should be eaten while your mouth heals and an icepack may be applied to the face to help keep swelling down. Having wisdom teeth removed really is no big deal!


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