What are motion control systems used for?

When most people imagine motion controlled systems, the first thing that comes to mind is some kind of futuristic robot toy that makes eggs in the morning and automatically turns on the coffee pot for you. While motion controlled systems and http://www.alioindustries.com/robotics for home use may not be as far off into the Jetson-like future as some people think, the most common uses for motion control systems have not yet progressed into most modern day homes. Instead, we continue to see motion control systems in industries that involved mechanized production systems, much like the assembly line. Instead of using people, we now rely on machines to run our factories and production lines, making things more efficient and powerful as time goes by. The basic mechanics of a motion controlled system help people to understand their functions a little bit better:

– The motion controller in the motion control system, simply put, sets the destination for the system. With this controller, it is easy to set the points where the machine will go. Most systems house this system mechanically, though advances are taking the motion controller to the electronic level.

– The driver or the amplifier translates the electrical signal that is sent from the motion controller to the actuator. It acts as a sort of go between and translator between the brain and the body of the machine, the part that actually moves. The actuator, the moving section, creates the specified motion.

– Feedback devices help to keep the motion control system in check en route to its destination point. They are like the senses we have as humans that allow us to perceive our surroundings.

– Finally there are mechanical components that help to move the motion control device along its path.

With these components in mind, it is a little bit easier to picture a motion control device, although to most people it probably still looks like a little spider-like robot crawling along a hallway rather than a machine achieving a goal in a work setting. Even though it may be hard to imagine the work of motion control device, companies like ALIO Industries are working to provide motion control systems for people doing all kinds of different work. Their work is particularly powerful in getting motion control systems to work for you and your purposes! A few of the things that you can control motion control systems is control velocity, position, and pressure or the force being exerted. It is also possible to manage the electronic gearing through the motion controller.

Keeping all these possibilities in mind, it is easy to see how motion control systems are versatile and can be used in many different kinds of industries. Make sure that have all the tools you need to get your job done, and look into working with ALIO industries to figure out the right kind of motion control system for your project. There are, after all, many different options to choose from, such as linear motion systems, air bearing motion systems, and other kinds of motion control systems!

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