Utilizing employee assessment for placement.

We have yet to launch our new marketing business even though a lot of the infrastructure is already set in place. Much planning had to take place to achieve the current status of our business so far and we don’t wish to waste any time. At the suggestion of one of our advisers, we have began the use of new employee assessment test to configure applicants to be best positioned for our many newly available jobs. This will allow us to cut out the management required to manually score all of these tests, therefore saving us time and payroll to an individual assigned this task.

Our employee assessment covers many different areas that we wanted to consider when hiring on new workforce. The test asks the applicant a variety of questions that will then be scored by a computer. All scores are posted for me, the administrator, to then be evaluated. The top scorers were obviously places at the top of the list for me to consider first. The other applicants that did not quite meet the initial prerequisite were placed in a sub category to be assessed for different positions based of their higher scores in other aspects. Other areas of high consideration were the applicants ability to remain consistent throughout the test. Though one tester may have had a high score with the skill aspect, another applicant with higher work ethic score could be considered first.

After the tests have been utilized, we have started to process interviews and should be able to finally launch our new business here in the very near future.

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