Upgrading to a Rega Turntable

There is a certain charm of the old school turn tables that survived a number of moves from your parent’s childhood room to their first apartment, through any number of different basement and then to the house that you grew up in. While these turn tables have a charisma that can’t be denied, after that many years and probably less than always gentle care, they often might not work quite as well as they once did back so many years ago. There are of course some things that can be done in order to repair small things here or there but this constant repair and manipulation can be difficult and expensive to have to do all of the time. Then there is also the fact that those older turn tables are beautiful but bulky. They might be great in their special place in your living room but you for sure can’t take them around with you anywhere.
LP record While the old turn tables of our parents will always have their place, there is also something important and needed with the new, sleek and beautiful turn tables that are coming out these days from companies such as Rega Turntables. Their whole line of turntables from the RP1, RP3, RP6, RP8, RP10 and RP78 are all made with the newest technology and highest quality imaginable while keeping a beautifully modern look and the kind of sound that you would expect from a Rega Turntable. These turn tables are some of the best out there for things such as platter and motor control technology. Many of the Rega Turntables have a two piece platter design construction from float glass which is able to make sure that the turn table has some of the best speed stability, accuracy, consistency, vibration reduction and electronic speed change.

Some of the newer Rega Turntables like the RP8 have gone even further changes in order to deliver the best sound system available to anyone with a true passion for turn tables. The RP8 uses a 24v low voltage motor, which is controlled by a customized hand tuned electronic power supply. The platter on the table is constructed from three layers of float glass. These are just two of the most recent and innovative design options that are added to the upgrades of the newer Rega Turntable series.

The RP8 Rega Turntable in particular has been voted as one of the best turn table designs of all time by both Apple’s Sir Jony Ive and Marc Newson, two of the worlds most respected designers. There are always a number of awards and praise for the Rega Turntables since they are usually at the top of the brand list when it comes to turn tables.

If you are thinking of either upgrading your old turn table or would like to get a second turn table that is one of the top of the line new turn tables in addition to your favorite old turn table, than you should check out Sound Stage Direct. They have a number of different Rega Turntables as well as a number of other top brands of turntables out there.


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