Top 6 exercises you can do while wearing a baby carrier

baby wrap

One of the big priorities for new moms, besides taking care of their new bundle of joy, of course, is getting their pre-baby body back. It is common for women to gain 20 or more pounds during pregnancy. This is natural and healthy because the baby relies on nutrients from the mother to grow and develop in the womb. Once the baby is born, however, the mother will likely want to rid herself of the extra weight since she no longer needs to eat for two. An easy way to still be able to work out while caring for your baby is through the use of a baby carrier. A baby carrier uses soft, stretchy cloth to secure the baby to the mother while leaving her hands and arms free. With the baby secure to the mother’s body, the mother is free to move around with a considerable amount of freedom, certainly much more than if she were just carrying the baby in her arms. Here are a few exercise that will work while utilizing a baby wrap.

  1. Squats- Squats are an easy exercise that can even be done while baby is sleeping. Because it works the lower half of the body and must be done with a lot of slow control, moms can easily do squats while wearing a baby carrier without disturbing the baby.
  2. Lunges- Similar to squats, lunges are a lower body workout that are great for mothers wearing baby wraps. Since lunges switch legs however, this exercise is best done when the baby is awake.
  3. Light arm weights- Three to eight pound weights are appropriate here because mothers will still be able to do curls while baby is strapped to them. If the weights are too heavy, it might disturb the baby, but a mother can get a lot of benefit from light weights and high reps.
  4. Triceps dips- All a mother needs for this exercise is a sturdy chair or couch. Balancing on her heels and putting her hands on the seat behind her, wrists facing, she simply has to use her triceps to dip up and down without sitting. This is a gentle but effective exercise that won’t disturb baby.
  5. Arm circles- No equipment is needed for this low impact but effective exercise. With arms extended, the mother must just make tiny circles with her arms one way and then the next after a set amount of reps. She will feel the burn quickly but the baby won’t feel anything at all except for maybe a gentle rocking.
  6. Resistance bands- Resistance bands are great for all kinds of workouts but one that particularly goes well with baby carriers are arm workouts. The mother should stand on the center of the resistance band with one end in each hand. Then she can either curl her arms upwards towards her shoulders for a curl or even extend her arms straight and lift them for a good shoulder workout. Alternating between sets of each will give a good total arm workout without disturbing the baby.

There are many easy ways that a new mother can workout while still taking care of her baby. With the ideas above, any mother will be able to get the body she wants after giving birth.

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