Top 5 engagement ring styles

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An engagement ring is not just an engagement ring. Each ring is an individualized expression of love and commitment from one person to another. There are numerous different styles of rings, all of which have a different personality, meaning and overall look and feel. Rings of different styles can portray very different vibes, which is important to consider before buying a ring for someone. It is also important to have a good understanding of the styles of engagement rings available so that a Denver jeweler can have a short list of  what a potential buyer might be interested in looking at in more detail. Here are just a few styles that are popular among those purchasing engagement rings:

  • Classic solitaire ring- One of the most classic, simple and elegant styles, the classic solitaire ring is a single diamond housed on a sleek, simple band. It does not compete with other jewelry and does much to truly highlight the brilliance and cut of the loose diamond one has picked for the stone.
  • Rings with side stones- A similar look to the classic solitaire ring, an engagement ring with side stones displays a large center stone, with smaller diamonds surrounding the band, rather than a plain band. This type of ring is a little bit flashier, but still simple and elegant.
  • Three stone rings- This ring generally has one large stone flanked on either side by two smaller stones. Many have said that this type of rings represent the past, present and future of a relationship, which is a lovely analogy for commitment and everlasting love.
  • Halo ring- A halo ring features a large center stone that is completely encircled by smaller stones, as if surrounded by a halo. This type of ring is very brilliant and can add a bit of weight to a smaller center diamond. Halo rings also have a vintage feel and can be placed on a plain band or side stone band as well.
  • Bridal set- A bridal set ring is the combination of an engagement ring with a wedding band. This eliminates the need to wear two rings but still gives the look of two rings at much more convenience. The band and engagement ring are highly coordinated in this style, giving a seamless look to the ring.
  • Custom engagement ring- If pieces and parts of each type of ring listed above are appealing to a ring buyer, their best best is to look into getting a custom engagement ring. This way, it allows them to mix and match features that they like or that they perceive their future fiance will like. This also ensures that the ring is unique and that there is no chance anyone else will have the same ring, which could be embarrassing for both parties.

With so many styles of rings to choose from, anyone looking to buy a ring is sure to find something beautiful that is in their price range and make their future fiance feel special. Rings are to be worn for life, so it is important to be knowledgeable when buying one so as to make sure that the right decision is made for the buyer and wearer alike.

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