Tips for Carpet Cleaning

Every carpet needs to undergo regular carpet cleaning to maintain its condition and maximize its lifespan. Every day, dust and dirt will build up on the carpet and foot traffic of the household will further stress the carpet which can badly affect the condition of the carpet if not taken care of. The most basic thing about carpet cleaning is that you have to vacuum your carpet on a regular basis. Here we will talk about some tips and basic on how you should be cleaning your carpet to be able to make it look like new after every cleaning session. Here are the basics.

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Your carpet has to undergo a vacuuming session once per week. You will want to focus your vacuuming towards the areas where there is lots of foot traffic of where people pass over quite often. The regular vacuuming of your carpet will help it extend its life span and also help prevent dirt, grit, and other particles from building up on the carpet which can damage the fibers. Maybe once a month, you should go the extra mile and make use of a crevice tool to get to those areas which are quite hard to reach using the vacuum.

If you are vacuuming a wall-to-wall carpet, divide the whole area into quadrants and vacuum the entire quadrant properly before you go to the other others. This will make it easier for you to clean the entire carpet and not get confused in the process.

Remember that in carpet cleaning, don’t be in a rush, these things take time. You should know that dirt can easily get deep within  the fibers of the carpet especially carpets that have a plush material so one pass over the entire area will not cut it. Even if the vacuum you are using is powerful, you should make several passes over the carpet’s sections. Also, don’t quickly move the vacuum over an area, move it slowly so that all the dust will be sucked right up.

As mentioned before, you will want to particularly vacuum more on places where people move over a lot as their shoes may carry dirt that will get caught on the carpet. Take note that if you have pets, you will also want to brush the carpet free from their hairs and make sure that if they come in muddy, don’t go over the carpet or else you may be faced with a big problem.

You may also opt to put a soil retardant over your carpet. Make sure it has been newly cleaned before applying. Make sure you fully read and understand the guide sent by the manufacturer. Make sure you make use of the right equipment when doing the whole process and use only the processes and techniques that are to be used.

Finally, if you think that your carpet has an odor, you can sprinkle some baking soda over the entire area of the carpet. You may also put some baking soda in the vacuum bag to fight odors in there.

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