1. Safety is a growing concern in this nation, and as people beef up their home security systems, they are making the garage harder to get into. Homeowners always worry about criminals getting in through their windows or through the doors, but the most popular choice for criminals is actually right through the garage. Criminals prefer the garage because at night it is very rare for people to be in their garage, and that means that criminals can slip in and out with very little risk of being detected by the occupants. There are also a lot of hackers that have figured out ways to create a universal key which can open any garage door, and from there they can empty the garage of its tools, car or anything else that might be inside. Sites like, have been overwhelmed in recent years with requests by folks that are looking to beef up their garage security. Some of the biggest garage door companies that exist today have started to make extra strong garage doors which are nearly impossible for criminals to get past. Garage doors that weight hundreds of pounds, and make it impossible for thieves to pry one. There is also a lot of anti-hacker software being installed on the new garage remote systems, and that means that no clever computer criminal is going to be able to get into the home with a simple push of the button. A complete garage door replacement service is not necessarily needed to make the home safer, as there are a lot of new products which are designed to help fortify the already existing garage doors. Adding extra locks is a popular choice, and there are some folks that have taken the additional step of making their garage door systems fully manual, to cut down on the risk of remote controlled entrance from thieves.
  2. Garage door service is also on the rise in this nation because more people than ever have garage doors. Once a luxury item, now standard feature of almost all new homes, the garage door is on the rise in the USA. Garage door makers have been developing better garage doors, which cost less to make, and last longer. The garage door industry knows that if they make having a garage door more accessible for more people, it will ultimately mean a huge boost in their sales. Most new housing complexes make special deals with garage door companies, so that their homes come equipped with garage systems before the homeowner even sets foot in their new house. On average, a home with a working garage system sells for around 10 thousand more than those with no garage.
  3. Lastly, the oldest garage systems from the 50’s are finally starting to have serious problems. The first automatic garage system boom occurred in the mid 50’s, and since then there has been an awful lot of wear and tear on the garage system. All of the very first models have started to reach their limit in recent years, and that means that people have to call in garage repair pros to get their garages repaired or replaced.

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