1. There has never been a time when braces were as affordable as they currently are. People that had braces during the 90’s will probably remember that their treatments were extremely expensive. On average, in the mid 90’s a month of basic orthodontic care for people with braces was around 400 dollars. The price of braces in the past was one of the major factors why people didn’t even bother finding out more about braces when they had orthodontic issues. Today, thanks to the massive advancements made in the field of orthodontics, coupled with the fact that there are now more orthodontists than there are nurses in this country, have brought about a significant fall in the cost of orthodontic work. The very attitude towards braces has changed in this country, as where they were once considered a kind of luxury treatment; they are now a basic part of the nation’s oral healthcare services. In the year 2005, there were around three million people in braces, and today that number is almost at the ten million mark. Anyone that want braces can now afford them, and the vast majority of dental insurance coverage packages also now offer coverage for braces and other types of orthodontic treatments. People that may have assumed that braces were for people with a lot of money should visit an online site such as,, and see how affordable treatment with braces can be.
  2. There are now far more options for how people can straighten their teeth. In the past there was only one kind of braces used by orthodontists, and for some people they never seemed very appealing. Adults have especially shown a dislike for traditional braces, as they often feel that they are very childlike. Today however, there are many new types of braces, such as invisalign Invisalign are the first braces that are a hundred percent clear, and that is something very important for some adults that have stayed away from traditional braces because of the way they look. There are also metal braces that can be attached to the back of the patient’s teeth, something that is great for people that have orthodontic problems which can’t be corrected with invisalign. All in all, there are all types of braces out there today, and there is sure to be one for each different kind of patient.
  3. Another reason why braces are more appealing than ever is that there have been a number of important studies done in recent years which show that braces may be helpful for much more than just correcting crooked teeth. People that suffer from gum disease could stand to benefit from a time in braces, according to a finding in a recent dental journal which stated that the stability which is brought on by an extended period in braces might help to ward off the loss of gum tissue in people with certain types of gum problems. What other benefits will be linked to braces in the future is something only time will tell.

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