Three Homemade Cleaners for Pet Stain and Odor Removal

Probably all dog owners can relate to me. Right now I have two adopted dogs and they can be quite the handful at home. Since I adopted them from a shelter, you know they haven’t undergone the proper potty training and can end up doing their business all over the house. My carpet has seen a lot of stains from time to time and cleaning it up can be a challenge. You should hear about the time my dogs came into the house dripping mud and though it was a good idea to nap on the carpet with that mess. Not just the removal of the stain is a challenge, but getting rid of the odor as well.

Over time, I found out that I don’t need to buy cleaners and that I can make use of homemade cleaners with the stuff I have at home. I am here to share with you my natural solutions to your carpet problem woes.

Upholstery Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

The first one is a mixture of vinegar and baking soda into a spray. This is probably my most used natural  carpet cleaner. Doesn’t cost much, easy to make, and works great on urine. You will find that white vinegar is a miracle in the cleaning industry. Old dried stains don’t stand a chance against it. Baking soda works to get rid of the odor and when you put these two together, you can clean the stain and remove the odor.

You just have to mix 2 cups of warm water with 2 cups of white vinegar and add 4 tbsp of baking soda and put this mixture into a spray bottle. To use this, simply spray the mixture over the area that has been soiled after the area has been blotted out for all moisture as possible.

The next rug cleaner we are going to make is baking soda with hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide also does a great job at breaking down urine and removing the stain. Along with the odor removing baking soda, you have another cleaning solution to add to your arsenal.

Again, make sure the soiled area has been blotted out. After this sprinkle the baking soda over the area and use of mixture of ½ cup H2O2 and 1 tsp dish liquid. Pour it over the area and gently rub the area. Let it stay for 15 minutes and vacuum the area when it is finished. You can just repeat the steps it is tough to remove.

The last carpet cleaning solution is a citrus cleaner that makes use of enzymes. Enzymes are what are used in many cleaning products today as they break down the mess through molecule processes. All you need to do is add 7 tbsp of brown sugar to 1 liter of water and 1 ½ cup of peels from lemons and oranges. Store this mixture in a bottle. The solution will take around 3 months to fully mix and activate the enzymes. After this, you can use the solution on your carpet stains at home.

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