There are many fleet management measures you can employ to enhance your operations

fleet management in your oil and gas If you are in the energy business, it’s no secret that utilizing fleet management in your oil and gas transportation network is a worthy expenditure. These assets are incredibly valuable and it’s important that you are able to keep track of the direction you are moving this product. Anytime you send out a transport of your oil, you know that there is the risk of losing your products in any manner of way. Because of this, you will want to make sure that you have the right kind of tracking procedures that will enable you to monitor your shipments. These days there are GPS systems for tracking oil and gas that are quite sophisticated and their utility cannot be overstated. Just imagine how much more peace of mind you would experience when shipping oil and gas if you could have a realtime display of the current location of your trucks. If your trucks were to go missing somehow, you could find out the exact location and find and retrieve your lost product. With this kind of system in place, you can be sure that your assets are secured and you wouldn’t have to worry about the losses quite as much.

Another thing you should consider with the transportation of oil and gas is how important it is that you implement driver safety procedures. When you send out a transport, you are entrusting potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of assets with a person who could be prone to errors and accidents. While you should make sure to hire people that are trustworthy and will adhere to policies that diminish distractions, there are also other measures that you can use to further enforce these policies. There are devices out there that can disable many of the functions of a cell phone or laptop inside your trucks while they are moving. It is possible to disable text messaging, internet usage, and phone calls to non-approved numbers while a trucker is driving, and then allow these functions to come back once the truck is at a stop. Of course, the ability to make emergency phone calls will be retained and you can also white-list certain numbers, which will allow drivers to receive approved calls and call approved numbers.

The affect that this can have on your bottom line is incredibly positive. With the use of such loss prevention measures alongside enhanced safety protocols, you will see a huge increase in the effectiveness of your business. Another great thing about the safety enhancement is that you will help to decrease the amount of accidents that could potentially be caused by a distracted driver. It is well known that the use of cell phones can greatly impair the reaction time of a driver, and this becomes all the more dangerous with a heavier vehicle such as commonly used in transportation. As much as you don’t want to lose assets, it’s even more important that your drivers don’t lose their lives due to a careless mistake.

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