The new and beautiful accelerated invisible lingual braces

By now most people are at least vaguely aware of the orthodontic tool Invisalign as the alternative to metal braces. While Invisalign took the spot light for quite some time, in the orthodontic world another huge step for making braces more comfortable and less embarrassing. The accelerated invisible lingual braces are closer to traditional metal braces than they are to anything like Invisalign but they are hugely valuable to people who need their teeth straightened without wanting to go through the social stigma of adult braces. This is possible because with the accelerated invisible lingual braces, the metal brackets fit nicely on the inside of the row of teeth rather than the outside. This means that they are practically invisible to other people but they are still there doing their job to fit and mould your mouth into its perfect form.

Because the invisible lingual braces are a bit more unknown than orthodontic practices such as normal outer metal braces and Invisalign, not every orthodontist is specialized and knowledgeable on how to put on and care for invisible lingual braces. If you think that the invisible lingual braces are something that you might be interested in to fix your smile, you might have to do a special search for orthodontists in your area who offer them. A basic internet search should probably be able to give you a list of possibilities.

bracesIf you are in the Washington, D.C., Maryland and greater Northern Virginia area, one of the better invisible lingual braces orthodontists, Dr. Garai is in the area and is available for a free consultation. At the consultation Dr. Garai and his staff can tell you all about the invisible lingual braces, answer any questions that you might have about the procedure or the actual hardware and tell you if you are a good candidate for the procedure or not. Because invisible lingual braces are still using the metal brackets, they are a good possibility for a lot of people with a variety of different dental problems. For sure they are more diverse and usable for different kinds of problems than orthodontics tools like Invisalign but still for some of the bigger or more complex problems that some people might be facing, a bit more work and gadgets might have to go into correcting the jaw and teeth than just the few brackets. These are of course all things that you can discuss with your orthodontist regarding your specific circumstances. Everyone’s mouth is a little bit different and is going to require different means and methods in order to get the results that both the patient and the orthodontist are looking to achieve.

If the look and feel of your mouth has been disappointing you for some time now but you were not sure when or how to act, this is the time for your to finally make a step and set up a consultation so that you can be on your way to having a healthy and beautiful smile.

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