Stay away from pills as much as possible when dealing with back pain. Painkillers are a very useful tool in the fight against back pain, and in some instances they may be the best option. However, painkillers should always be a temporary solution to dealing with back pain, as they do present a considerable risk for addiction. In studies undertaken by major pain clinics like, it was found that a staggering forty percent of people that used painkillers to treat back pain for a period of more than three months, eventually went on to become addicted to their medication and were forced to seek help for their problem. Painkillers should only be used when back pain is unbearable for the sufferer and even then pills should not be taken every day, or taken for a period of more than a month. Doctors can offer a lot of advice to people undergoing back pain treatment as to how they can avoid problems with painkiller addiction, so patients should always discuss their options with their doctor. One rule that has proven to be very helpful in avoiding addition to painkillers is the three day rule. The three day rule pertains to following a regiment which allows the patient to use painkillers only once every three days. Spreading out the use of painkillers between uses allows the body to get rid of built up drugs, and the therefore reduces the risk of the body becoming reliant on the presence of the substance in the system.

Another good tip for people looking to achieve an overall better result with their back pain treatment is to stay away from some activities which are the leading causes of back pain. There are around a million spine surgeries performed in this country each year as a result of people being injured while running. While many people love running, and while it can indeed be a healthy and fun activity, it is one of the leading causes for spine and back injuries today. Running causes a tremendous amount of stress to be placed on the lower back, and over time the extra strain can cause a loss of blood flow, curvature in the spine and worse. Back experts recommend that if their patients have to run that they do so using an exercise machine, as the machines are designed to reduce stress on the back. The proper footwear should also always be used when running indoors. Another activity which back doctors hate to see their patients take part in is weight lifting. Again, for some people lifting weights is a vital part of their exercise regiment, but the strain that is puts on the back could have serious consequences over time. Doctors ask their patients that if they must lift weight to please do so under the guidance of a trainer in order to reduce the risk of improper form causing damage to the back. People in the gym should also take care not to lift an excessive amount of weight in proportion to their own body mass.

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