Social media strategy is the next big thing

While only about a decade ago social media strategy didn’t even exist, it has quickly taken over as the main focus for any small or large scale company or organization. Taking the time to create and follow a social media strategy is as important or even more important than any other company strategy, as this is the way that we now interact.  Social media strategy is all about getting your brand and your ideas out there, and then watching as they continue to be passed around, from one social media user to the next. Social media is the way that we interact with the world, many people use that as their only form of news and information, and also the only media they use to see and interact with advertisements. It is the social media strategies that can take a company from a small start up to a large scale corporation, or from a new non profit to a large scale organization that is making huge impacts in their area of interest. Social media is where we see news stories that others in our networks have posted, it is where we are introduced to advertising campaigns that friends have shared because they were interesting. Any company that does not think clearly and logically about their social media strategy is bound to fail in their quest to obtain new customers and attract new interest and new clients.

Social media strategy used to encompass simply having a page on a social media platform. This was sufficient in the beginning, but now that social media has evolved and come to encompass nearly everything that we do daily, social media strategy must become much broader in order to handle all the ways in which it is used. And it is also the way to exploit the ability to create free methods of advertising, and have your customers doing the work for you. This strategy should include all forms of advertising, as well as creating an image and a brand through the interests, the likes, the shares, and the content. It is not enough to have a page on facebook any longer, now you must also have to right friends and the right content to keep people interested and to help generate the necessary buzz. Without the interest, there is no reason to be on social media, and so you must generate that interest through the creation of interesting content and unique shares. It is unreliable to assume that you can continue on with a business strategy that does not include a strong focus on social media strategy, as we see this is the direction we are headed in. It won’t be long until almost our full daily life is conducted within social media, from working to communicating, reaching out and reading the news. These are all done on a platform that can provide a wealth of exposure and interest if it is valued and taken into consideration when creating the future strategy and strategic goals and plans for an organization.

social media strategy

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