Social media and dental SEO

Dental SEO or search engine optimization is the ability to improve your placement in the results that are returned when someone uses a site like Yahoo or Google to find a dentist.  There are a variety of ways to do so, including the use of the social media sites Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in order to get people to your website.  In addition to getting more clicks on your website, likes and shares can also help to boost your rating on the various search engines.


Search engine optimization is important because studies have shown that most people do not get past the first three links that are returned.  If they do go past those few results, they do not get past the first page.  If you want more patients, you need to improve your standings on the various search engines.

Therefore, it is important for your posts to be relevant and interesting so that your friends and followers are more likely to like them and share them with others.  Both of those actions can increase the number of friends and followers you have as well as increase the traffic to your website.  The more friends and followers you have the more people there are to like and share your posts.  Hence, your dentist SEO will improve.


Since one of the best ways to ensure that your posts create interest is to include a picture or video you should link your Facebook and Instagram accounts.  This will allow you to post on both sites at once and include the all important picture.  It will also give more of a spotlight to your clients as many of your pictures will be of them, as long as you get permission.


Another way you can focus on your patients while on social media is to hold a contest.  This will ensure that they share it with others.  Who, in turn, you hope will share it with even more people.  However, do not go broke purchasing a prize.


When you are not focusing on your patients’ new beautiful smiles, another way to boost dental SEO is to post tips for maintaining a healthy mouth and jokes about dentists, just to name a few.  You can also post links to your blog, which should be a part of your web page.


The one thing that you do not want to overdue is full-on promotion posts.  After all, you do not want to be the commercial; you want to be the show, the main event.  If you must post a promotion post, be creative about it so that it is interesting and eye-catching.


Finally, you can post to Instagram three times a day and to both Twitter and Facebook up to three times a week.  Any more than that and you will be seen as annoying.  Any less and you will be seen as inconsistent.  Either way, you will either lose some of your current followers or lose potential followers who could have turned into patients.

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