Reissuing vinyl records is a lot easier than you might think.

We all love our favorite vinyl records, this is a reality. However, the unfortunate issue we all frequently run into is the fact that sometimes our favorite records get destroyed and are simultaneously out of production. This is an issue that we must figure out a solution to, lest we end up in a world where some of the best records are worn out of existence. This cannot be tolerated, as it means that we will doomed to eventually live in a world without some of the best records, and a time when vinyl is making a serious comeback!

So, how does one go about reissuing a record? How do you figure out how to make a reissue of your favorite tunes happen? Luckily there are quite a few intelligent people out there and ready to reissue the best albums, leaving us not without the things that we cherish the most. Indeed, “Mr. Bong” or Dave “Mr. Bongo” Buttle goes to a lot of trouble to ensure that his favorite recordings can be reissued. The first step in this process is to locate an original press recording of the album in question. Indeed, Mr. Bongo’s stories of the process of acquiring said records are fascinating. He weaves tales of going to Venezuela for clandestine record swaps and looking through death registers to find that elusive record that he seeks. Indeed, it is people like this going to such efforts to find those golden vinyl albums that we rely on to keep vinyl albums alive and well. Without efforts like these, reissues simply would not happen, a reality that is most unfortunate. This is important because not everyone can afford to by an original vinyl record at the prices that many originals go for these days. That being said, many people still value said records and want to enjoy them in some way, shape or form. It is as though we were all hoping to get a copy of a Monet painting and the only option was an original. This simply would not happen, and thus art would be significantly less available to the general public, a reality that no one wants to live in.

So, how frequently do reissues happen? A lot more than you might imagine. For example, represses at this point outnumber new releases of albums. At least, this was a fact touted at 2014’s Record Store Day. While this certainly has its drawbacks for reasons that will soon be enumerated, this does present a positive side to the world of records, as more people are getting access to the albums that have long been classics. The downsides are easy to imagine as record labels hope to make an easy buck off of a youngster purchasing a “remastered” edition or “special expanded” album. Phrases like these should be a red flag, but finding classic vinyl records at prices less than the cost of the originals is always a welcome sight. So, make sure that you wait to get that record reissue for that special you have always been looking for; chances are you’ll get your hands on the sound without paying original pricing.

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