Popcorn machines for our concession stand

We have been expanding our concession stands so that they include several new offerings this year. We didn’t want to risk customers getting bored with the choices when they come to the fair this summer, because there are so many new and trendy things out there. We think that this will really help us to increase our sales and drive our business to the next level this summer. One of the things we did over the down time this year was purchase all new popcorn machines for each of our concession stands. There are many new and varied flavors that can be added to popcorn now, and the old machines just weren’t compatible with the flavored oils and powders that we have now stocked the stand with. There is also now space for the new nacho machine, as the new popcorn machines don’t take up nearly as much counter space as the old ones did. There is a new machine that will make a dough type treat that we have never seen or done before, but it seems like it really is all the rage, and that is what we want. We want our customers to not worry about waiting in line for the treats we have, because they really want whatever it is they are standing in line for. The flavored popcorn that will come out of the new popcorn machines is going to be a big draw, I’m counting on it as part of my business model this year.

popcorn machinesThis is all going to be possible because there have been so many advances in what can be offered from behind a very small concession counter in a very small space. Machines are getting more efficient and are producing more in less space. This frees up other counter space for us to fill with new machines that are now being sold by the American concession supply company. Whatever they have, I am going to try to buy and utilize for a higher return on my investment this year. I know that it has been a harsh winter, and that the summer will be equally harsh at the opposite end of the spectrum. That means that people are going to want to get out and enjoy the sun while they can, and they are also going to want to get into the shade after a long day standing in lines, and that is where we will come in to provide whatever they are looking for. The American concession supply has many new machines that will provide all kinds of cold and sweet treats, and they are my only supplier, so that is what I am going to be counting on this summer. Their marketing is never off, and if they are stocking up on those things, its because that is what people really will be wanting this year. I’m actually really excited to get to use some of our new gear, and I can’t wait until the fair grounds open and we start having events and long lines.

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