Over the past few decades there has been a growing amount of attention being given to different cannabis related products. In just the last few years much of that attention has shifted to one specific aspect of cannabis products which is organic CBD oil. While many people have probably not yet heard of CBD oil, it is quickly gaining notoriety after a number of important scientific research papers were released which pointed to some very important benefits which CBD oil could provide both people and pets. The recent launch of CBD products by major hemp growers such as,, have helped spread the word even further about the possible life changing components of the cannabis plant, and now public interest has really reached a peak. Here we examine a few of the uses of CBD oil, and where the future might take the drug.

In animals, CBD extracts have been shown to be very useful. Up to the current time the majority of studies done with CBD oils have been done on dogs, and the results have been very impressive. Much in the same way which omega fatty acids have been shown to help maintain heart health, and promote cognitive function in humans, CBD extract has been shown to have similar effects on dogs. In studies the dogs which were given CBD extract for six months were shown to finish the study with thicker, shinier coats which had come in for the first time in their lives while under the treatment of CBD dog treats. Likewise, the animals involved in the study showed improved behavior patterns, as well as reduced stress in animals which had been reported as having various nervous tendencies.  The results of the studies done on dogs with CBD oils were so impressive that several of the leading dog food makers in the country began to negotiate the use of the CBD oils in their dog foods and other pet products. The effects that the oils had on dogs were impressive enough on their own to warrant a great deal of excitement, but the results that they had on humans were something that really caught the attention of the medical community.

Hemp oils have been consumed by people in some cultures for hundreds of years. The Native Americans are known to have extracted hemp oil from cannabis plants in order to create healing creams for injuries. Today science is starting to discover that the Natives were very wise in using hemp oil to treat cuts on the skin, as hemp oil not only acts as an agent against bacteria, it also promotes faster healing of the body. There are now dozens of skin products available to the public which are intended to treat minor cuts and scratches, products whose main ingredient is hemp oil. Now studies are underway in order to examine what effects ingesting hemp oil might have on the rest of the body. Preliminary studies are already suggesting that there could be many benefits from the consumption of hemp oil for both the body and the mind.

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