Opening my own carpet cleaning business

I grew up with a mother and father that were in business for themselves. They always had time for us when we needed it, were at all of our games and other events, and still were able to work hard and make a living for our family. In that same spirit and tradition, I have decided to go into business for myself and open a carpet cleaning enterprise. I know the area and the neighborhood because I have lived here all my life. I have a large network of friends and people that I know, and I’m sure that it won’t be that difficult to get myself out there and get people to give me a chance. I have learned how to best use the machinery that is required to clean carpets, and I also have taken several small business classes that have really prepared me to work for myself. I know how to get things done, and I know that I can work hard and at odd hours so that I can grow this business and become just as accomplished as my parents were with their restaurant. I have always enjoyed making my own hours, and that is why it was so hard for me with a regular job while I was in school. I’m convinced that this carpet cleaning business will be much better, and that I can be a big success at it. Its going to be great, and its going to be mine to make successful or not. So I’m going to commit my all to it.

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