New siding installation can be covered by your tax return

Now that you have your tax return back, do you make an adult choice and get new siding on your house or do you have fun with it, and get new siding on your house?  Yes adult decisions can actually be fun.  Getting new siding is like orchestrating a giant makeover for someone, except that it is for a house instead of a person.  Making grand decisions for the look and feel of your home might make you feel accomplished.  It might make you feel like you can take care of yourself as an adult and you’re not doing a bad job.  So what next?  You need to first assess your home and see what actually needs to be replaced and what can last a few more years.  The tax return was good but it wasn’t amazing, so you still have a budget to keep to and that is OK.  Consider scheduling a free consultation with 1st Choice Windows and Siding to see if what you want really is within your budget.

The professionals with 1st Choice have been doing what they do for a long time.  Staying within a customer’s budget is actually a trait that the company sticks to and it proud of.  They strive to provide the best prices for their customers while still providing the highest fiberglass windowsquality materials and services.  So don’t be shy about your monetary limit, just be up-front about what you want to spend and they will walk you through what that means and what you can get.  With 1st Choice you can get windows, doors, and siding all in the same place with the same installation.  This also makes it nice because you can coordinate all of your colors, styles, and textures from the same company.  Don’t waste your time hopping around between stores and companies to get the best deal on everything.  This takes up a lot of time on your part that can be avoided by 1st Choices price matching.  If you find something at another store that is lower in cost, bring the ad to 1st Choice and they can match it as long as the products are the same.  You have a lot to consider when it comes to siding alone.  There are several different varieties that each carry their own pros and cons, so do some research before you schedule your consult so that you can have questions to be answered about the types you like.  Take into account the climate of your home region as well as the size and shape of your house.  Then consider all the features of wood, vinyl, brick, fiber cement, engineered wood, metal, stone, liquid spray-on, or an insulated variety.  No one ever said making a decision about siding installation would be easy, that’s why its part of “adulting.”

With all that money you got back from the government you are going to improve the look and feel of your home, so that in itself is a very responsible option.  Secondly you are likely going to pick the type of siding that is the most economical, so good for you!

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