Medical Marijuana Delivery Service Jobs

More and more states are legalizing pot, at least for medical use for various chronic conditions.  This, in turn, has led to the creation of new jobs in new categories.  Therefore, if you live in a state where cannabis is legal and you are looking for a career change, you may want to look into becoming a part of a weed delivery service. If you like to cook or have a degree from a cooking school, you may want to look into becoming an edible creator.  Not everyone smokes or vapes.  Many people choose to consume their products in foods.  This is especially true when it comes to children who suffer from chronic illnesses and cannot smoke or vape.  This career is competitive, so it is best if you are able to come up with a new food or a new way to infuse the pot into a food.  Before long, customers will be eating out of your hand, literally. Another lucrative job in the marijuana delivery business is the concentrate processor.  Concentrates such as oils, dabs, waxes, and shatter are becoming more and more popular.  This is because they are stronger than traditional dry herbs that are smoked.  This position generally requires a background in chemistry and can be dangerous if proper precautions are not taken. Along those same lines, any businesses dealing with marijuana, including delivery services needs a trimmer.  This person is in charge of cultivating the cannabis plants, trimming them and ensuring that customers get the most for their money.  This job can be tedious at times, but is incredibly rewarding. Of course, a medical marijuana delivery service is going to need delivery people.  Generally, the only things needed for this position are a clean license, a reliable mode of transportation, and an ability to get along with others. Like any other business, a cannabis delivery company is going to need people to work in the office.  This includes those that specialize in accounting, marketing, and secretarial positions as well as those involved in checking that all of the customers have identification, prescriptions, and have gotten permission from the state to legally purchase marijuana for medical use. These businesses may, depending upon location, need someone who is knowledgeable in state law and regulation so that the company remains legal.  Furthermore, the company is going to need someone who specializes in information technology because most of the transactions will take place over the web.  Even if they do not, the company should have a customer database and a database of suppliers.  In addition, like other businesses both in and out of the cannabis industry, the accounting and other business including product management will be handled via computer. If you like growing things or have a background in botany, you can get a job as either a pot farmer or a seed harvester.  Obviously, the pot farmer grows the product.  The seed harvester, on the other hand, is a bit more specialized and can help with the legal aspects of selling marijuana.

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