Kitchen burns end up with a trip to the urgent care center

Having friends over for diner is one of my favorite things to do. The only problem is recently I moved into a much smaller apartment and the kitchen barely holds four people so having a lot of people trying to cook at once instantly becomes really chaotic. I try to tell people to please prepare things as much as possible before coming to my place but inevitably no one does and we all end up trying to fit into my tiny kitchen constantly trying to squeeze past each other. Urgent careDuring the last diner party our kitchen situation got even worse when my friend Bethany tried to squeeze past another friend of ours and ending up losing her footing somehow and slipped. This would have been bad enough but her elbow landed right on the hot burner and with a sizzle that sounded exactly like a fresh steak on the BBQ her elbow melted a bit and stuck to the burner. Everyone in the kitchen started screaming and trying to run around to help, which of course in the small kitchen only caused more chaos. Finally I found my keys and got Bethany in the car to take her to the nearest urgent care facility. The whole drive I kept saying how sorry I was, thankfully she was really nice about it and kept telling me it wasn’t my fault. By the time we actually got to the urgent care center I was almost in tears. Probably the last dinner party I will have until I get a bigger kitchen.

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