Invisalign is a great option for children. of the best things about many of the recent dental advancements is that they’ve made previously painful and time-consuming dental procedures much less so. For example, having braces put onto your teeth takes much less time than it once did, and none of the painful gluing techniques are used any longer. The shots to numb your mouth so that cavities can be filled are much less painful than they once were, and they’re much more effective at numbing your mouth so you don’t have to worry about pain while the dentist drills. All of these advancements are great news for adults, especially those that fear the dentist, but they’re even better news for children. Most children have a difficult time sitting still for hours at a time, which can make many visits to your dental office a huge hassle, especially when your child needs to have major work performed. Children also typically have a lower threshold for pain, so anything that can cause less pain is a good thing when it comes to kids and the dentist.

One advancement in the field of dentistry is making a huge difference for kids all across the country. Invisalign is a product that helps the teeth in a children’s mouth straighten without any of the painful and uncomfortable features of braces. When children have to get their braces tightened or installed, it can cause a great deal discomfort and pain to them. This makes the ensuing weeks a bit of a disaster, both for the child and for the parent. With Invisalign, there are no such visits to the dentist. Instead, Invisalign works to straighten the teeth in your child’s mouth by using plastic trays in succession with one another. Each tray moves the teeth a small amount, and when one of them has done their job the child moves onto the next one. Each tray is used for a couple of weeks, and after a few months or a couple of years, the teeth are perfectly straight.

Not only does Invisalign cause much less discomfort to your child, but it also is far less noticeable. When your child is forced to have braces for many years, the other kids they go to school with of course notice. This can lead to a large amount of unnecessary bullying and hazing; as most parents know, kids can be incredibly cruel, and they only need a small reason to pick on another child. With Invisalign, very few people will even notice that the child has something in their mouth. This means that they won’t have to worry about being harassed by their fellow students, and they can also feel confident when they are smiling. An added bonus of having your child use Invisalign rather than traditional braces is that none of the pictures from this time of their life will show that they have anything on their teeth. When you have Invisalign fitted for your child’s mouth by professionals like those at Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry, you’re straightening your child’s smile without hurting their self-confidence or causing them physical discomfort.

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