Ideas for covering your windows with blinds, shades, or shutters

Windows are the prime focus of most rooms. Therefore, whether you select blinds, shades, or shutters, they should be both functional and decorative.  There are at least a million different ways you can dress up your windows.  You can match the furnishings in the room or make a bold statement and find something that is different, but complementary.

Blinds, shades, and shutters allow you to choose what you want.  Simply tell the salesperson selling the Hunter Douglas blinds what you are thinking and he or she can help you pull it off.


Be sure to know your budget and stick to it.  Window coverings of any type can be expensive. Therefore, it is best to do your homework before you go into the store so that you have an idea and a price line.


Once you have a budget in place, determine your decorating style.  You do not have to match the décor of your home exactly. However, you do not want to clash, either. If the rest of your home is chic, keep your window coverings that way.  The same is true if you like modern, classic, or casual and comfortable.  Unless you are going to change all of your furnishings, do not use a different style on your windows.


The next thing you need to decide on is how much elbow grease you are willing to put in.  Only you can decide what you are willing to do when it comes to maintaining your home. While blinds need to be dusted weekly, drapes have to be taken down and professionally cleaned before they are rehung.


The type of room you are outfitting with new window coverings, as well as where it is in the house determines the amount of light you want to come in and the amount of privacy you need.   You will need room darkening shades if your child’s room is on the sunny side of the house and he or she still naps.  However, you can let the sun into your kitchen.


If you have small children, then you need to be aware that some blinds may not be safe for them.  If you choose to install them in your home, be sure to either cut the strings so that they do not become choking hazards, purchase a kit, or ask the manufacturer to send you a retrofitting kit so that your child does not become entwined and hurt.  You can also buy blinds that do not have cords.


Finally, to truly get the look you are going for, you can double up on the window coverings. For example, you can put shades or blinds on the inside of the window and then cover them up with drapes or curtains.  Even just adding a valance gives a room a new look.


Regardless of what you choose, know that it is an investment and you will have to live with it.  Therefore, you should not rush into any purchase.  Be sure that it is what you want before installation is complete.

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