I have found a great group of AMGA guides to help me in a Kilimanjaro climb

climbing Kilimanjaro I’ve recently gotten a sizable inheritance from my grandfather’s estate, and I’ve been considering all the possibilities of what I could do with this sudden windfall. There is a big part of me that desires to upgrade my home entertainment devices by buying a new computer, television, and audio system, but I think that this might be a waste of a great opportunity. The more I think about it, I realize that my life has been far too saturated with electronic media consumption, and it might be a better idea to use that money to do something exciting and adventurous. I’ve been talking to some friends who have been around the world and they are overwhelmingly in favor of me using my money to leave the country for a vacation. Some of them recommend that I visit big cities in Europe or Asia, while others try to convince me to partake in a more nature oriented excursion. While the culture shock of visiting a big city in Asia certainly sounds appealing, I think it would be more exciting to go the nature route. I don’t really have much experience with the outdoors, so that kind of vacation would take me out of my element more, which is what I want.

In my search for the best place to go for such an adventure, I have been finding the idea of climbing Kilimanjaro in Africa to be the most appealing. I have a number of reasons for preferring this location over others, mainly due to the diversity of natural environments in the area. A trip to Kilimanjaro will expose one to almost every kind of environment you could imagine, such as forests, mountain craters, lakes, rainforests, and savannahs. Another reason I like the idea of this trip is that there are plenty of AMGA mountain guides that can help an inexperienced traveller such as me to get the most out of such an expedition. The guides at Alpenglow Expeditions are particularly experienced with Kilimanjaro treks, and thy report having a high success rate with helping travelers to reach the peaks successfully. It would also set my mind at ease to travel with a guide who has gotten certification from the American Mountain Guides Association because I know that I will be a lot safer. Not only will they enhance the safety of such a trek, but they will also be able to show me many locations of interest, direct me to areas that are not heavily trafficked, and overall give me a more personal experience.

Another great thing about this trek is that the mountain guides report that this is a climb that is not very technical. They apparently know of routes that don’t require any kind of dangerous rock climbing, so it is more feasible for someone like me to reach the summits. I don’t have any kind of rock climbing experience, so it would be nice to be able to just go on this expedition without having to spend years learning how to do it first.

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