How To Find A Contractor For A Kitchen Remodel Project

home renovationAre you renovating the bathroom, kitchen or some other area in your home? Here are some helpful tips for sourcing a contractor for the project:

Start An Online Search

It’s one of the easiest ways to connect with local service providers. However, because there are so many competing sites, it may be hard to find quality service contractors at the top of search pages. To ensure you’re getting a credited contractor, check out the tips below. Additionally, readers can peruse each website to see portfolios, years in business, testimonials, look books and much more.

Get Referrals

Because millions of people renovate their homes on a daily basis, it may be easy to find referrals just by asking. Turn to friends, family and even coworkers to find out what contractor or company was used in your local vicinity. Another way to connect with referrals is through online forums. The internet makes it easy to search for a number of information, and it’s up to the web user to weed out information.

The Authoritative Board

Who regulates home renovators one might ask? The answer to this question includes many – depending on how well-associated the contractor is. As a starting point, the contractor is required to register to operate in the state they’re conducting business in. Additionally, it’s mandatory for the contractor to be licensed and insured – just in case something happens to a worker – such as an injury. The homeowner may also choose optional insurance to safeguard against damages in the home.


Turn to printed directories for local contact information, where a representative can be contacted and interviews set up to find out about pricing, backgrounds, materials and much more.

Another regulatory board is the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association or NKBA – if you’d like to specifically find contractors that focus on kitchen or bathroom remodels. Also view sites like, which is the official site for the National Association of Remodeling Industry to find if the contractor is affiliated with this training and certification board. You’re able to find qualified members by zip code if needed.

Getting a contractor for a renovation design is an easy task if you know where to look. As an additional note, users are able to ask for estimates via online calculators, however a consultation and in-field evaluation is required to get the most accurate quote. Once pricing and time lines for completion are determined, ensure that the contractor provides a contract.

The home renovation process is cumbersome to say the least. Even before conducting this due diligent research, homeowners will most likely have to set up a range of other research tasks, where lending, insurance, alternative living arrangements and other services may have to be considered before jumping the gun on the project. With a proper plan in place, homeowners can become less stressed, and more prepared for what’s to be expected in terms of temporary inconveniences, the budget, the quality of the work and more. Start your search now for a local home renovator.

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