How Invisalign Improves Your Health

invisalignInvisalign is chosen by many patients to improve the look of their smile. They may have spent many years saving up for this treatment to finally address an issue they’ve dealt with through their teens and adulthood. This condition is known as uneven or crooked teeth. While many patients choose to go on without any work, some can’t wait. Nevertheless, for dental patients considering their options, there are many advantages that invisalign offer besides looks alone. Here are a few:

Straight Teeth Makes Cleaning A Breeze – most people with crooked teeth will agree that the situation makes cleaning hard to do. A regular toothbrush may be unable to reach spots that are overcrowded, and even with daily flossing and rinsing, tooth decay may seem imminent. To avoid this painful condition, invisalign can straighten the entire teeth, and ultimately help patients get a better grip on cleaning. In the end, invisalign can help you keep all your adult teeth into adulthood, with regular cleaning and care.

Pain Relief – an overcrowded bite can cause pains like headache or discomfort in the joint, especially after eating. In addition, when the area is aggravated, this can lead to other conditions such as periodontal disease. Even if you haven’t been diagnosed with the disease, you may have noticed that your gums often bleed when you brush. This should be taken seriously, as the situation can lead to other health issues including complications to the heart.

In fact, orthodontists will recommend that any outstanding oral health condition be addressed before starting out on invisalign braces. To gain a better perspective of how oral health affects other areas of the body, expecting mothers are usually asked to get dental issues resolved, as they can ultimately impact the growing baby.

Some of the conditions that tooth decay can cause or progress include diabetes, heart disease and others. These are all outlined by the American Dental Association. Invisalign, due to the fact that it helps reduce the risk of tooth decays and other oral issues, is highly recommended if you want to take care of your general health.

In the end, you’ll have more time taken off your hands, since you won’t have to worry about every single nook of misaligned teeth. Invisalign braces offer even more advantages:

They’re removable – which makes cleaning a non-issue compared to traditional wire braces. You don’t have to worry about food being stuck between the wires and knobs. To clean, you can soak and brush in a readymade solution each day. This is in addition to brushing your teeth underneath the braces – as bacteria can seep underneath the trays that are covering the existing teeth. This bacteria can lead to plaque buildup and decay, which may call for an extraction or root canal if the tooth is too far gone.

This is one situation you’ll want to avoid, since a missing teeth will throw off the balance of the orthodontist’s treatment plan.

Another advantage of invisalign is that patients get to fix their teeth without having to disclose it to the world.

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