How fulfillment centers us label magnets to help with organization

magnetic strips

Warehouses are an overwhelming structure. Those who have been inside one knows they can be massive and positively filled to the brim with items. This is especially true for places that stock a lot of inventory like restaurant supply stores, grocery store warehouses and fulfillment centers. Over the course of the last few years, the online shopping community has increased to a fever pitch. More and more people choose to buy their goods online rather than venture out to physical brick and mortar stores to buy them. As online orders increase, so do the size of fulfilment warehouse needed to fill them. Inventory must also remain high and perhaps even overly stocked at all times to compensate for demand. This is especially true around Christmas, when online orders, especially rush orders placed at the last minute, are at an all time high.

So how are warehouses keeping everything organized and moving efficiently and effectively? It is certainly not an easy task and it takes quite a lot of extra planning and preparation, but many warehouses have found that label magnets have helped their setups become not only more organized, but less stressful as well. There are few things more stressful that frantically rushing around, not being able to find what you are looking for. With effective organization systems, this feeling becomes a thing of the past. In fact, many fulfilment centers that have started to use magnetic strips to identify products and their place on a shelf have said it has considerably increased employee efficiency.

In order to make this work well, magnetic labels need to be made for all available products that exist in a fulfilment center. Then, they can be placed on various shelves and grouped in ways that make sense. They can even be segmented down into smaller groups like size, color and more.

Magnetic labels are also easy to move around and rearrange should an organizational system need to be altered or if new products come in. This is particularly helpful with alphabetized items because it simply requires sliding a magnetic label over to make room for another one.

Because of the fact that humans are still running fulfilment centers and warehouses, it is crucially important that everything be neat and orderly and easy to find. Technology and technological advances are becoming a big part of organizational advancements, but the human element still exists meaning systems need to cater to the people who work in these places. Easy ways to find merchandise are important for workers, who often spend hours on their feet in warehouses packing boxes and pulling online orders for fulfillment.

With more efficient organizational systems such as the use of magnetic labels for inventory, workers are less stressed and more efficient, meaning the work environment is more pleasant. A better work environment benefits employees and management alike, not to mention the company overall. When a company is functioning well, it makes the consumer happier too, which amounts to a win for everyone involved.

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