How does the jewelry appraisal process work?

If you are unfamiliar with the jewelry appraisal process, you might be leery of taking your jewelry into to be appraised. What are they going to do to your precious gems? How will you know that the jewelry is safe? These are important questions to ask, and you’ll need to feel one hundred percent confident in your jewelry appraisal team when you take your gems in to them. That’s why the team at Colorado Gem Labs is such a great resource in the Denver area. They know the value of a good appraisal and are transparent about their process and how much they value their customers. Knowing how the process works can really lift a weight off your shoulders as you are beginning the jewelry appraisal process. Whether you are looking for a diamond appraiser or a gemstone appraiser, the folks at Colorado Gem Labs are ready to be the team you trust. There are a few steps that are taken in the jewelry appraisal process, and understanding how this works will make you that much more prepared when you walk into your jewelry appraiser’s office.

  • Description: As part of every appraisal, a detailed description of the jewelry is included. This means that there is a very clear and written out description of each http://www.cologemlabs.comitem that is included as part of the appraisal. You’ll be able to use this for a variety of appraisal needs, like insurance and estate values.
  • Digital photograph: An enlarged and clear photograph of the item is also included as part of the appraisal. This means that you’ll be covered with photograph to go along with the detailed description of the item, making it easy for you to use this in the future.
  • Metal content: Part of valuing a jewel involves identifying the amount of metal content present in the jewel. This will be included as part of the appraisal process and clearly delineated.
  • Identification: While some gemstone may be very clearly one type or another, to an untrained eye others might be less easy to identify and recognize. This is why it can be helpful to have a clearly written out description of the gemstone that includes the measurements and weight as well as the name of the gemstone. This is the mark of a great gem appraiser to include these details.
  • Verification of lab reports: Some people will come to an appraiser with lab reports on the gems. When this is the case, a gem appraiser will often validate those reports as part of the valuing and verification process.
  • Market value: This part is key when identifying the value for insurance or estate purposes. When this is the case, a detailed and well researched pricing and valuing scale is critical.
  • Cleaning and mounting: A great gem appraiser will go the extra mile to clean the stone while also assessing the mounting. This is important, as you will want to know it is well mounted and not likely to fall out!
  • Value explanation: The best gem appraisers will also take the time to clearly explain why and how they made their value determination.

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