First, it is important to note that all cosmetic dentists have been trained in all the same aspects of a traditional dentist. When an individual is studying to become an orthodontist he or she has to complete six years of standard dental training, at the end of which the dental student can go on to specialize in areas such as family dentistry, or orthodontics, among many others. A dentist who has decided to focus on the area of cosmetic dentistry can best be defined by two specific points which distinguish him form regular dentists.

The first area which sets cosmetic dentists apart from other kinds of dentists is that a cosmetic dentist focuses far more on how to make a patient’s teeth more attractive than about how they can keep the patient’s teeth healthy. While all dentists, even cosmetic dentists, number one goal is that their patient have a healthy mouth. When it comes to cosmetic dentists they know that their patients have been referred to them from a regular dentist who is that patient’s primary oral health provider. The fact that cosmetic dentists know that another qualified professional is looking out for the health of their patient’s mouths allows them to focus on their specific area which is getting their patient’s smiles to shine. Most family dental clinics today count on the services of several types of dentists under the same roof. At, for instance, the staff includes a team of dentists from five different areas of expertise. Dentists have always been able to work better when they don’t need to focus on so many different oral health problems at once. A cosmetic dentist is likely to not only work in the cosmetic dental area, but also to work primarily within an even more specific aspect of that area. Cosmetic dentists might dedicate themselves to working with braces alone. Braces are one of the most complex and time consuming activities that any dental professional can take on, and require a higher level of attention than other types of cosmetic dentistry work. Likewise, tooth implants almost always take up the majority of a cosmetic dentist’s time, and it is rare that a cosmetic dentist will even bother with anything that isn’t related directly to the area of implant. Many cosmetic dentists that work in dental implants even have their own clinics apart for those of other dental professionals.

Another point that marks a major difference between a cosmetic dentist and traditional dentists is the extensive amount of training that a cosmetic dentist does in the field before he starts working alone. Cosmetic dentistry is a highly complex area to work in, and one which can’t be mastered from books alone. Indeed, the average cosmetic dentists requires around two years of field experience before they can get the certificates that their state requires of them in order to practice cosmetic dentistry without the presences of a senior partner. In many cases the cosmetic dentists must work for little or no money while they earn their stripes, yet for many of them it is well worth the sacrifice.


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