Garage building is big business today as the economy has once again started to boom and people look towards the home improvements which they have been in need of for so long. The custom garage industry is doing especially well here in Colorado, where people use their custom garages not only as places to park their automobiles, but also as extra spaces in the home which can be used for parties and hangout spots. The custom garage builders, just as folks from any other industry, have a specific way of going about things when a new customer approaches them about having a custom garage built for their home. Here we take a look at what the construction of a custom garage entails from the side of the builders.

First, a potential client will contact a garage builder such as, and ask for a sales person to visit their home to see where and what kind of garage could be built. There are a lot of model garages that customers can check out online, but until a sales person has visited the home it will be hard to know which type of garage their home might have added to it. The custom garage builders send an expert to the site in order to take measurements, and make general observations about the property. Once at the home the garage expert talks to the owners first to see what kind of garage they are imagining for their property, and then they see if in that location a garage similar to the owner’s wished can even be built. In some cases the home is too old for an additional structure to be added to it, and in that case the homeowner will have to consider the prospect of detached garages. Once an agreement is made about where the garage where go, the garage professional will then discuss the style the homeowner wants his or her garage to be built in. The information will then go back to the company office and the preparation will get underway.

In Colorado, all construction work must be approved by both the city and state officials, so the step of getting the proper permits to work might take up to a month, though it is often done in less than a few weeks. Once all of the permits are in order and the team has been assembled, the work can begin.

The construction of a custom garage could take weeks or months depending on how extravagant the garage is, or how complicated the work site might be. The construction team will usually ask that the owners vacate the property during work hours if the garage is going to be added onto the home’s existing structure, as it is a required safety measure. If the garage is detached from the home then there is no problem for the homeowner to stay in the house. When the garage is complete a city building construction inspector will visit the property and if he gives the thumbs up, then the process is concluded.

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