With the huge demand for UA testing which is ever increasing in this country, there is also growing interest in UA testing facilities. People often wonder how UA testing is done, and how a clinic is created. We actually went into a local toxicology analysis center called, Gulfstream diagnostics and talked with the director about how the clinic came to be. In this brief report we will summarize the details of our conversation with the director, in order to give our readers an in-depth glimpse at the creation of a UA testing facility. Readers who might be seeking even more information on the topic are encouraged to visit the Gulfstream Diagnostic website at,, or another similar site.

People might be surprised to learn just how many requirements have to be met before a UA testing facility can be built. Due to the fact that a UA testing facility runs tests which are often used by the government, there are special laws in place which require detailed background checks of all the people that are involved in opening a new clinic, both on the financial end, as well as the actual test operators. A clinic has to show that no member of their team was ever convicted of a crime, nor were they ever involved in a situation which might not be illegal, but which crosses ethical standards for behavior. Drug testing is also required from an independent agency before the licenses to operate are handed out. After all of the people have been checked out, the team will receive its first set of certificates which will enable them to operate their soon to be built clinic. Urinalysis clinics must update their certifications each year in order to show that their team is operating above the boards.

Many people would be surprised to learn about the amount of money which is required in order to open a new UA testing facility. The machines used in the detection process, of which even a small UA testing facility has around 10 of, cost between fifty and a hundred grand. There is also a lot of special temperature control equipment which a testing site must have in order to perform their processes in the correct environment. UA testing workers are not cheap either, with an average of salary of around 70 thousand dollars a year; a testing center has to have considerable resources just to meet the payroll. The reason why testing facilities are able to put up the kind of cash it takes to open a new facility is because the demand for UA testing is incredibly high. In some states which have fewer UA testing facilities, there are companies on waiting lists to have tests done which can be up to five months long. The very moment a new testing facility opens they receive loads of work, and the pace doesn’t slow down over time. Most modern testing facilities have such a high demand to deal with that their clinics operate in 24 shifts, maintaining the testing facilities open around the clock.

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