Here are the top five reasons to take camping and fishing trips

There are many great reasons to get out into the great outdoors. It doesn’t matter if you are going car camping or on a massive backpacking trip, the great outdoors can do a lot for replenishing your soul and your spirit. It is imperative to get outside and to enjoy nature and to de stress for a few days if you can take the time away. Listed here are the top five reasons to take camping or fishing trips at least once a year: camping trips

1. You can de stress. Let’s face it. Living in the United States is stressful. You may be working overtime or dealing with multiple things at one time. When you choose to get away and go out into the wilderness, then you can unplug and relax. North Americans tend to find it harder to relax as we are always on our phones, always working, always busy, busy, busy. If you choose to unwind in the wilderness or on a fishing trip, then make sure to to do it while away from email, phones, text and social media. It is vital to learn how to just be in the moment and to be away from all work and other life stresses for any given time period.

2. You can find yourself. As cliche as this sounds, when going on a massive (or small) camping trip such as camping in the BWCA (boundary waters canoe area), then you will have nothing around you other than the peaceful outdoors. This is essential for finding yourself and rejuvenating your soul. Whether you choose to go out for several days or even one day or a few hours, then you can have that peaceful time where you can contemplate your life and what you need to keep growing in life.

3. You can detox from the city life! You can also go camping or fishing in order to get away from the harsh toxins from city life. Yes, living in a city is vibrant and exciting, but when you choose to get away, then you can cleanse your body of all environmental toxins that you don’t even know that you are taking in on a daily basis.

4. You can go back to the basics. Whether you are camping for a night or two or are embarking on a large camping journey, then you will have the opportunity to go back to the basics. You can catch what you eat and you can cook basic foods from scratch.

5. Enjoy quality time with your family, loved ones, and friends. You can also get outdoors with your significant other, family, or close friends. This is a great time to reconnect with those that you love without the pressures of society around you as well as distractions such as your cell phone and social media.

As you can see, there are many great reasons to get outdoors and away from the city life for a few days. If you are considering camping or fishing in the Ely area, then you should contact the experts over at in order to ensure that you have everything that you need for your trip.

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