For new cyclists, skip the bike accessories and focus on the bike

If you are looking for ways to get back into shape after recovering from an injury, or perhaps you are wanting to start your very own fitness routine for the first time, indoor cycling is a great way for you to accomplish your goals. Biking or cycling, whether you are doing it as part of a class at a gym or perhaps you are purchasing your own bike for outdoor use, is an excellent way to improve your fitness by raising your heart rate and getting your blood pumping. It can help you to burn more calories, both during your exercise as well as afterward and it does it all in a low impact way so that you do not have to worry about the strain of your workout on your joints – which is especially helpful if you have had knee problems in the past. Bicycling is also fun, which is the best reason for anyone to try it out. If cycling sounds like something that you want to try out, but you just are not sure where to start, here are a few handy tips to help you get on the road and looking like a professional cyclist.

Do not feel like you have to empty your bank account in order to get the bike that you want. Bicycles are just like cars where you have high-end ones that come with all of the bicycle accessories that you can possibly want, but they also come in low-end options too. You can get a reliable bike for as little as $300 that will get you on the road in no time. With less expensive bikes, you may find that you will have to add some important accessories al a carte, but you can do that over time as your budget allows. Be realistic about what kind of bike is going to be the best for your needs. If you live in a particularly hilly area, then it may not be a good idea to get a cruiser or single speed bike, as that will make it especially hard to get up and over those steep hills. However, you do not have to spend more on a bike with 21 speeds either. Typically a three-speed bike will give you all of the gears that you need for most neighborhoods, and they cost less than a bike with more gears. If you are particularly fearful of getting on the roads for the first time, you can also purchase an electric bike, which works just like a normal bike but it comes with a motor and battery to operate it. You can turn on the motor when you think you need a break from pedaling.

As was mentioned above, you do not have to go crazy on bike accessories to get started. All you really need is your bike; a helmet and a sturdy bike lock in order to start riding. You can add additional accessories like baskets or panniers or bells as you continue to ride.

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