Finally getting dental work and possibly braces

My boyfriend has worked pretty much his whole life as a freelancer of some sort. He goes between translation, writing, programming, whatever he can find work in really. The problem with freelancing is that they generally pay you far under a living wage and you never have any sort of health insurance so he has gone for years without going to see a doctor or a dentist. invisalignI think he kind of lived with the situation because he didn’t feel that he had much of a choice but every once and awhile he would say something in passing that would hint at his desire to do something about his smile which he felt was quite ugly. His negative thoughts about his own smile came from a few places I think. First of all, because he had not been able to go to the dentist for a while his teeth were not exactly white gleaming pearls of perfection. Secondly, it could be argued that he probably should have gotten braces when he was a kid but for some reason or another his parents never made that push and got them for him. So now, into adulthood, he was stuck feeling ashamed and unhappy about his smile. With the push of the Affordable Care Act recently though, we are able to get decent insurance for the first time since we were in school. Of course it is still going to cost us quite a bit of money to get anything fixed with his smile but with insurance it might be doable. The first step for sure is to have some basic dentist visits to get his teeth cleaned up. After that we have even started discussing the possibility of taking him to an orthodontist and see what possibilities are down that road. I am not sure if he could be convinced to get adult braces but it is a possibility. I think his main two objections to getting braces were that he would feel less respected at work and then maybe less appealing to women. At this point he works from home since he is freelancing so he really doesn’t have to worry about people at work seeing him and I wouldn’t mind him having braces for a while if it meant that he would be happy with his smile for once. Depending on the cost difference, we could maybe even look into the possibility of getting him Invisalign. I would imagine it to possibly more expensive but if it would make him feel more comfortable that it could very well be worth the extra money. It would just mean cutting back a little more but I think that shouldn’t be too difficult to do for a good cause. I think it could make a huge difference in his life to be able to smile openly without having to be self-conscious about how his smile looks to people. Even if it means uncomfortable braces for a little bit I think it would be worth it in the long run.

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