Faulty appliances can result in serious water damage in Seattle

I know that most of my appliances are quite old but I got them all second hand so there was a serious factor of being able to get them at a really good price. Over the years I have learned all of the tricks, how I need to kick the washing machine a few times when it switches from the rinse to the drying cycle, that with the blender I have to hold down the button while I press down the cap and turn it and that the dishwasher will turn off half way through the cycle so you have to restart it after the first hour and tell it to start from the rinsing process. It isn’t glamorous living but I get my food made and my clothes and dishes washed. I kind of see it as a bare minimum is covered kind of thing. The only problem is that once things actually break, they really full on break in horrendous ways. Thankfully this has only happened twice but those two times were enough to really make me worry about what might happen next. The last catastrophic disaster happened not that long ago when my dishwasher decided to turn itself off a little bit before even the normal half of the cycle was finished. This means that the whole thing turned off absolutely full of water. I was gone at the time so I am not exactly sure why all of the water didn’t just stay in the machine but something happened and all of the water went from the washing machine onto my kitchen floor. By the time I actually got home there was about half of an inch of water pooled up under the dishwasher and then all of the carpet where the kitchen meets the living room was soaked. I called  Restoration Eze in Seattle to see if they thought that I could clean this up myself or if they thought it might be enough water to justify their help. The experts at Restoration Eze Seattle water damage said that depending on when the cycle stopped there could have been quite a bit of water in the dishwasher which is kind of what I was guessing from the look of the kitchen. I decided that this was probably too much for me to tackle alone so I told the Restoration Eze crew to come on by and help me get all of the water cleaned up.  I worried that if I let it sit there for too much longer it would only damage the kitchen and the floor even more than it already did. All in all I am really glad I had the Seattle water damage crew to come help me and the experience is making me reconsider how good of an idea it is to always buy the cheap, second hand things. This whole thing might not have happened if I had better appliances but I guess you can never fully prepare for everything.

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