DRF Trusted: the Water Heater Expert

Millie the cat sits by the window, watching life go by out on the busy street fronting our office. I can’t say she’s my cat, although I am responsible for feeding her and give her all that she needs, because no one can own Millie, she is her own cat, and the world revolves around her. She does come to my desk and brush past me when she feels like she needs attention, but most of the time, she perches on her favorite spot of the day and rules over her turf like a queen.

I decided to set up my sewing alteration shop on a shop lined by mostly restaurants and cafes. I inherited some money which could tide me over for ten to fifteen years without having to work full time, which would probably have me subsisting on bread and water on the last three of the estimated fifteen years of this kind of life.

boiler repair

tankless water heater

I worked as an editor in a publishing house and while I loved the work, the world outside it became less interesting because I did not have much time for things other than work. Last year, I took a leap of faith and resigned from work, took out some money left by my grandparents to me, and set up this small sewing alteration shop. I have always liked doing crafts, sewing especially, and was actually good in it. What can I do, I met Confucius at the crossroads of life and thought I should really be doing what I love so I don’t have to work a day in my life.

At the start, I still took in some editing jobs as a freelancer while the shop was still picking up. My shop is about 2 blocks away from the city’s commercial center and somehow, one customer came in, one of those young corporate secretaries who wanted an old dress altered in a way that it would look corporate chic. I made a few suggestions and we agreed on a style. She was quite happy with the results and have told friends about my shop. By word of mouth, my shop gained a small trickle of regulars. They now come in not just for alterations but also a quick fix for wardrobe malfunctions.

I am now thinking of expanding to specialty laundry services for branded clothes. The shop building is quite well maintained but I have to have the boiler replaced with a tankless water heater. I have done my research on the advantages of it but for things outside my comprehension, I prefer to call in the experts for boiler repair. Fortunately for me, I called the right guys for the job, DRF Trusted Property Solutions. They do really good work, hence they’re worth the mention in my reverie today. Check out their website at www.drftps.com.

Now back to my musings about expansion. The more I think about it, the more drawn I am to doing it. Oh well, maybe for now I will adopt Millie’s take on life. The world can revolve around me today. So I am going to close the shop for an hour so I could get my cup of joe across the street.

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