Do you have a family history of venous conditions?

Do you suffer from venous disease of any kind?  Many people do and don’t even realize it. Venous conditions are those that involve the veins of the legs.  When the valves of the veins leak they do a poor job of pumping all the blood in the right direction in a strong enough current.  With venous disease a little bit of blood sneaks through the valve and pumps backwards, pushing on the walls of the vein and stretching them.  After so long the stretching will form a pocket of vein wall where blood and pool.  This creates a bulging vein on the surface of the leg.  If you have noticed a few bulging veins on your legs and thought nothing of it, you should think again.  Those are varicose veins and they can worsen with time and eventually form clots and become dangerous.  Venous conditions also tend to run in families.  If your grandmother’s legs have quite a bit of spider or varicose veins then it is likely you will too eventually.

When you visit Texas Endovascular Vein Clinic you will be greeted with many different treatment options.  They specialize in every form of vein condition from extreme to simple. If you think you are having some problematic symptoms then call to schedule a free consultation to see what they can do for your legs.  Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms in your legs? Aching, cramps, swelling, skin changes, fatigued, heaviness, bleeding, ulcers, rashes, or recurrent cellulitis?  If you said yes to one or more, you could be suffering from some significant venous disease without knowing it  Definitely make an appointment with the venous clinic team to see what’s going on below the surface.  They have three locations in the Houston area to serve their patients as best as possible.  Many come in from out of state to receive such amazing initial care.  Plus, the treatments and surgeries at Texas Endovascular are covered at least partially by most major insurance plans.

If you have noticed that a lot of your older family members show signs and symptoms of varicose veins or spider veins, you may be at higher risk yourself.  Be sure to mention this houston veinwhen you have your consultation.  Once you talk about treatment and decide to schedule an initial treatment appointment, you will already be feeling some relief hopefully.  There are some sensations of burning, itching, or even a tight swelling when your varicose veins get out of control.  The medical teams will come prepared to give you some relief while you are there and then will come up with a long plan of treatment that suits your needs and addresses your time limits.  Wouldn’t it be nice to live without that pesky leg pain that just will not seem to go away?  Stop thinking that it’s just a part of life that you have to accept because its not.  Don’t let leg pain stop you from doing the things you love, and the first step is to get a consultation with Texas Endovascular.

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