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Surrogacy is allowing me a new baby brother or sister

I have always believed that if two people are wonderful enough they can become fantastic parents together no matter their genders. That is why I am so proud that my two fathers are going to have their own kid that is really theirs soon. My father and mother were together for a short while before I was born but I was pretty much raised alone by my father. I know from my life that he is a great man and a great father. I also know that separating from my mom and raising me on his own was difficult, more than any one person should have to do. With his new partner I think they will be able to have all of the benefits of being great people and great parents, but now also be able to have a partner while raising a child, someone to help and support them the whole way through. And of course I will be there to support them as well.

surrogacy Given that they are two men, it was a little bit more difficult to find a surrogacy agency that would happily pair two men to their surrogate. Thankfully the attitudes over gay marriage and gay partnership have changed so much over the last few decades that we were, fairly easily able to find a really wonderful surrogacy agency that was happy to help them find their match. My dads had a number of things that were going to be important for their surrogate since in this situation she would also be donating half of the genetics to the child. At first their list for the future surrogate was a little bit on the long side. I think that they just got carried away with the idea of it but then we sat down and talked about it and cut the list down to something that is more reasonable. It is still a list of pretty high standards for the women but all well within reach I think. The surrogate agency always does a huge check on the woman anyway so I would imagine that many of these problems would be taken care of automatically by the agency and then any additional concerns my dads have about the surrogate can be discussed later. I know that they want the perfect woman to be the mother of their child but no matter what I am sure the kid will be perfect because it will be their kid.

I am so amazing proud and happy for my fathers and for their opportunity to show the world that they can be just as good, if not better parents than any straight couple out there. And of course I am also excited to finally have either a little baby sister or brother in my life. At this point in my life I had expected that I would be an only child forever. Even though my new sibling and I will have over a twenty year age difference, it will be nice to have someone I can call my brother or sister.