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  1. Go out of town. Just like a house, anything that is closer to the city’s center is going to be more expensive.  The difference is that when you pick a place to live you want to be in town, close to schools, hospital and other public services. With storage unit rental you can save a lot of money just by driving 15 minutes outside of the city. Since you won’t be going to the site apart from when you store something or from time to time, to retrieve an item, you can save big by staying outside of town limits. On top of saving money, you will also be further away from busy city traffic that can keep you locked in places for hours and hours. If you are located out of town, you can probably hop on the highway and avoid all the major areas of congestion in your city.
  2. Go fifty, fifty with a friend. Doing anything with more than one person means that you are going to end up paying less. When it comes time to renting a storage unit, why not try and split one with a friend who also needs additional storage space. Most storage units are big enough for two people’s things anyway. You will also be able to insure an extra hand when either of you go to drop off or pick up heavy items that might not be possible to move with one person alone.
  3. Go long term. There are tons of self storage rental sites that give you huge cash savings when you rent for longer periods of time. Most people use the same storage rental area for years and years but still pay by the month. When you go in to talk with the rental supervisors, ask them what kinds of offers they have for people who rent for the whole year. If you know that you will be in the city for an even longer period of time, see if you can’t get a bigger deal with an even longer rental agreement. Be smart and rent for longer periods of time, it will save you boat loads of cash.
  4. Choose the unit that gives you just what you need, nothing more. There are many choices in the world of storage rental and not all of them are as cheap as others. There are a lot of storage rental units that offer climate control. If you don’t have items that are heat or cold sensitive, then you won’t need a storage unit that has controlled temperature. You also have to see what kind of security you need. If you are storing extremely expensive items you will have to have a unit with 24 hour security controls. As that is not the case with most storage unit needs, you can get a place that only uses lock security. Most security limits have good enough locks to be safe enough for the average storage user. Getting the bare minimum for your storage needs will make storage a lot less hard on your pockets.


In the St. Louis Area ,Self Storage is One Extraordinarily Trustworthy and Well-Regarded Storage Rental Center.

storage rentalA lot of people in the United States utilize self storage rental because it provides a temporary solution to their space needs.  For a bunch of different reasons, the increased population has led to a shortage of space, in certain areas.  An increasingly large number of people are finding that their closets and other storage areas are completely full, despite the fact that they have more possessions.  You can get rid of them, let the clutter up your living space, or you can put them into self storage.  In the case of anything that you actually want to save, self storage is clearly the best choice.  That being said, you need to go to the right self storage center, as there are some that will try to take advantage of you, through their poor service and high prices.  The only way to know which ones to trust is to do a little research.  In the St. Louis area, A-American Self Storage is one extraordinarily trustworthy and well-regarded storage rental center.

When it comes to self storage, there are only a few basic factors to look for.  First of all, you need to know that the prices you are being quoted are fair and accurate.  Because it is such an in-demand service, there are some unscrupulous storage companies.  The main way in which they take advantage of people is by charging their customers an absurd number of small fees, which should not really be fees, in the first place.  At the end of the day, these little fees are just a way for them to charge you more money than you intended to pay, while not giving you anything extra.  A-American Self Storage has the opposite attitude, insofar as they actually charge you the rate they quote you.  Plus, that rate includes all of their services, and you will not end up paying a bunch more for something that you did not know you would be charged for.  Similarly, they do not require the very strict and unfair contracts that some of their competitors charge.  You pay only for the rental of the self storage units, and the price is based on the unit, itself.

So, once you have determined that you are not being overcharged, you also need to determine that the company you select ensures that their units and ground are always safe.  After all, self storage is an industry that involves protecting people’s things, and there will inevitably be criminal activity, surrounding anything that with monetary value.  Fortunately, safety and security are very much in the hands of the self storage companies, as they can control how much money and effort they invest into security measures.  They can decide whether or not to hire the necessary number of security personnel, in order to keep their grounds secure.  Similarly, they can control the type of surveillance systems they set up.  While these features are mainly to secure the grounds, all of the full-sized self storage units and mini storage units need to be secured with high-tech locking mechanisms, as well.