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Self storage auctions keep self storage exciting! all have done this, and it is an easy trap to fall into. Sometimes we forget where we have put things. It is always frustrating when you realize that you need something and you cannot for the life of you recall where you decided to store the item. Sometimes you find yourself so brilliant in the moment for the placement of the item. Indeed, perhaps you have found the perfect hiding place for something that you want kept safe. The only problem is that once you have forgotten that it is there, it will be very difficult to find it again, no matter how safe it is. Sometimes, people do this with their storage units. They get storage units, put things inside of them to keep them safe, begin paying a monthly bill, and then completely forget that they have anything stored in the unit at all. This is never a good thing, especially because it means that you run the risk of losing your possessions in your self storage unit to the terror that is storage auctions! Never fear, your storage unit facility will attempt to give you plenty of notice if you have a storage unit that you have stopped paying on and have completely forgotten about. They will not throw you to the curb immediately. However, if you fail to act in a timely fashion, storage auctions have become all the rage in the United States. Self Storage unit rental facilities will hold storage auctions in order to vacate a non paying tenant! These steps are always taken within the limits of the law and are always entertaining moments of discovery when the items that people have placed away safely in a storage unit and forgotten about end up uncovered by strangers. These poor folks made their best attempt at keeping their things safe, only to forget they were there in the first place!

Not to fear, storage unit facilities only do these auctions as a last option for getting rid of things that people have long forgotten about and left behind. Facilities owners are required by law to give plenty of public notice regarding the sale and auction of the items contained in the storage unit. They must publish this information in a periodical of some kind, and if the tenant realizes this he or she may pay their outstanding bill and reclaim their possessions up until the moment the auction begins. This concept, however, took off swimmingly with two United States television programs premiering in the fall of 2010 in which people hunted down these auctions and these items from self storage units across the country. The two television shows, Storage Wars and Auction Hunters were wildly popular and the shows have continued in varying iterations. If you are a conscientious person, you will likely not fall victim to a storage war situation should you chose to rent a self storage unit. Chose self storage when you have belongings that need to be kept safely, and kept in a place where you will not forget them!