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Top three reasons to rent a photo booth from Double Exposure

We all love having photos of the things that we do. Having photos allows us to remember all of the wonderful and exciting things that we have done in the past and (let’s be honest with yourselves here) allow us to post on Facebook to also show and show off a little bit how great and exciting our lives are to all of our friends and family. Since cameras first became an affordable tool people have been taking pictures and collecting them. While in that time almost everything about cameras and how we take pictures has changed, the basic fact that we love pictures never has changed. With all of the changes in cameras we have more possibilities than ever on how we take and share our pictures. One of my personal favorite is the photo booth. These are of course not every day picture taking tools but for special times or parties or anything similar they can be that extra great way to add fun to your event. There are a number of different reasons that people choose to rent photo booths from Double Exposure Photo Booths but here are my personal top three reasons to rent a photo booth for your next event or party.

photo booth rental 1. Photo booths are an interactive experience. We have all been to those kinds of parties before where they put up some decorations and hired a guy with his laptop and thought they were finished. Those kinds of parties usually are not all that fun. People like to have something that they can touch and that they can play with. With a photo booth the guests of your event can explore, play and create something that is their own.

2. Photo booths allow people to loosen up a bit. Have you ever tried to be serious while wearing oversized glasses and a feather boa? It is not possible. Double Exposure Photo Booth rentals come with a huge box of silly, stupid, sexy, funny and ridiculous props that you can mix and match to make a photo that is truly unique. It may seem like a small thing but the ability to dress up and let go a little bit can really help change the feeling of the party and encourage people to let go outside of the photo booth and allow themselves to have fun.

3. The guests then get to leave the party with something besides a slight buzz. We all like a good party but being able to go home with something afterwards brings a whole new addition to the party. Even better, it is not like you are sending them home with a stupid gift bag, you are sending them home with a reminded of this great experience that they had, which is more valuable to people than knick knacks. Pretty much every study on happiness has shown that people get much more lasting happiness with experiences than objects so by renting a photo booth you can add one small peg to people’s enjoyment.