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Business idea: local organic food delivery service

The best idea I ever had for a business was a local organic food delivery service. At the time, I had no means of raising capital and there was no way that I could go out on my own and get the financing to do it. I wasn’t in the position to get something like that done, and so I just had this great idea and never did anything with it. But I think that maybe the idea was before it’s time, because these types of services didn’t start popping up until many years later, and only then in the large metro areas of the country. It has taken about a decade for the idea to travel down to the smaller communities and smaller sized cities. But for the last decade, I used that great idea in my business school classes, and I would have students write out a business plan for their own local organic food delivery service.  There were some great business plans that came out of those classrooms, and I do hope and one of those students is behind this new crop of delivery services that have become so popular here in the Denver metro area.  I can only hope that my idea that came to me before it’s time has now been used by a former student to create income and generate good in the world.

local organic food delivery serviceI felt like a local organic food delivery service was necessary many decades ago because even then we were moving away from whole natural foods and into the realm of processed and packaged meals. I was afraid that we would lose our organic farmers, and we have actually lost many of them. But new ones have sprouted in their place, so it is not all a bad thing. But I was afraid that with the introduction of convenience at the store in the form of packaged meals we would no longer want to spend time on our food. And this is what happened, for many years. I do believe that we are seeing a resurgence though, into the organic farming market, and there are those who are working to create businesses that will meet that new demand. I was right that we are now hooked on convenience, and so that is why the local organic food delivery service is so important at this time, it meets all the needs. Organic and local, but also convenience and timeliness. It is the best way to reintroduce organic and locally grown food to a busy and stressed out market of people who need to shop. They can do it in even greater ease than going to the store. And in that way the business idea and the concept is perfect for right now. My idea may have been ahead of its time, but I’m so glad to see that it is now succeeding in many markets and areas of the country, because someone else came along and did it at the right time. We need to support our farmers, and we also need convenience.