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Vitrazza is the industry leader in glass chair mats.

http://www.vitrazza.comMany companies will claim that they have some kind of foothold that other companies do not. After all, everyone is competing for business and wants to be certain that people know that they are the best that there is, no questions asked. But how can you be certain that the company you are purchasing from truly knows what they are doing? Are they an industry leader, or are they simply a company that hopes to be something that they have not quite yet achieved? There are a few important ways for you to tell this difference, and it can quickly become apparent which companies are truly the best out there and which ones are those that could use a little more time in the oven before truly achieving the status of an industry leader.

First, are you using a company that is locally owned and operated, and how long have they been in business. Sometimes businesses and business models are like fine wine. They are best when aged and some need a bit longer to marinate before they achieve greatness. Local companies are important to the local economy and need to gain the trust of the people living in that specific area, so if a company has lasted more than a few years and is still thriving in that arena, then you know they are doing something right! This is absolutely the case with Vitrazza glass chair mats. They are locally owned and operated out of Golden, Colorado after an original start in Boulder, Colorado. The company has maintained its status as a locally operated and trusted not only hat home but also nationwide.

Second, you should fully understand and look into the methods that they use to create the products they are selling. They may be using a cutting edge new technology that will end up benefitting you in the long run, and it is critical to know whether or not this is the truth. For example, Vitrazza uses nano technology to create their trademarked Tufver Glass. This glass can only be found at Vitrazza and the technology used prevent scratching and denting on the surface of the glass mat. These are certainly traits that are useful for a product like a glass chair mat! The company’s knowledge set in this kind of work is vast, as the founders are veterans of the glass industry who understand their medium in a way that others simply cannot. Knowing this to be true and being able to trust in this kind of knowledge is important for trusting the company that is creating the items that you are looking at purchasing, and it is certainly true for Vitrazza.

So, know that you know what you are looking for, it is clear that Vitrazza glass chair mats is the best choice for you when you are selecting a chair mat. Do not be fooled by cheap plastic mats. These products will end up costing you more in the long run, and by selecting Vitrazza, you are certain to get years of quality.