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Invisalign is a great option for children. of the best things about many of the recent dental advancements is that they’ve made previously painful and time-consuming dental procedures much less so. For example, having braces put onto your teeth takes much less time than it once did, and none of the painful gluing techniques are used any longer. The shots to numb your mouth so that cavities can be filled are much less painful than they once were, and they’re much more effective at numbing your mouth so you don’t have to worry about pain while the dentist drills. All of these advancements are great news for adults, especially those that fear the dentist, but they’re even better news for children. Most children have a difficult time sitting still for hours at a time, which can make many visits to your dental office a huge hassle, especially when your child needs to have major work performed. Children also typically have a lower threshold for pain, so anything that can cause less pain is a good thing when it comes to kids and the dentist.

One advancement in the field of dentistry is making a huge difference for kids all across the country. Invisalign is a product that helps the teeth in a children’s mouth straighten without any of the painful and uncomfortable features of braces. When children have to get their braces tightened or installed, it can cause a great deal discomfort and pain to them. This makes the ensuing weeks a bit of a disaster, both for the child and for the parent. With Invisalign, there are no such visits to the dentist. Instead, Invisalign works to straighten the teeth in your child’s mouth by using plastic trays in succession with one another. Each tray moves the teeth a small amount, and when one of them has done their job the child moves onto the next one. Each tray is used for a couple of weeks, and after a few months or a couple of years, the teeth are perfectly straight.

Not only does Invisalign cause much less discomfort to your child, but it also is far less noticeable. When your child is forced to have braces for many years, the other kids they go to school with of course notice. This can lead to a large amount of unnecessary bullying and hazing; as most parents know, kids can be incredibly cruel, and they only need a small reason to pick on another child. With Invisalign, very few people will even notice that the child has something in their mouth. This means that they won’t have to worry about being harassed by their fellow students, and they can also feel confident when they are smiling. An added bonus of having your child use Invisalign rather than traditional braces is that none of the pictures from this time of their life will show that they have anything on their teeth. When you have Invisalign fitted for your child’s mouth by professionals like those at Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry, you’re straightening your child’s smile without hurting their self-confidence or causing them physical discomfort.

What to do before going to the dentist

dentistBefore you go to the dentist there are a few things you should try to do to make sure that your teeth are as healthy as possible. Now the first thing that you will want to do is make an appointment. Dentists offices are extremely busy which means that you need to make all your dental appointments in advance before you go into the office and there are of course a number of ways for you to do this. Now since dentists offices differ from one another there is no way to be sure that all offices accept all these different ways to set thing up but a lot of them do. The firs way to make an appointment with a dentist is to just give them a call and you can usually find the office number on a business card or on the practice’s website. The next thing that you can do to make an appointment is to simply way into the office and speak with the receptionist at the front desk and ask them if there is a time that you can come in to the office for a check up. The final way is actually a fairly new method but it is one of the most convenient and that is making your appointment online. This online appointment maker will in all likelihood be connected to the dentist’s website and if you just click on it and follow the instructions give you will be all set up to go to the dentist’s office. Now that you know the basics of how to make an appointment I should tell you about what to do on the day of your appointment. Keep in mind that you will want to show up at least fifteen minutes early as the dentist might need you to fill out some forms and they may even be able to take you in early. if you are looking for a great dentist check out Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry for all your dentistry needs.

The next thing to do when preparing to go to the dentist is to make sure that you brush and floss your teeth. You might be thinking that there is no reason I have to brush and floss before I go to the dentist because they are going to clean my teeth for me but that is only partially true. The dentist does clean your teeth for you in a professional way but that is only part of what they do. One of the reasons the dentist needs to clean your teeth is so they can see everything clearly once it is free of plaque and particles of food. The presence if these things in your mouth makes it hard to locate any cavities or other problems you might have. By brushing and flossing your teeth you improve the dentists ability to help you in a more constructive and helpful way. Remember that your dentist just wants to help you so you should take what they seriously.

Why becoming a dentist is a good career move

Choosing to become a dentist is an excellent career move. The dental field is growing and the world will always be in need of dentists! If you are looking into various career fields, choosing dentistry is a wise choice. If you choose to become a dentist, then you can expect a nice salary as well as constant demand for your services. This is also true for other careers in the dental field such as choosing to become a dental hygienist or a dental assistant. Both of these jobs are on the rise as well as the field of dentistry is growing. Here are several reasons as to why becoming a dentist is a good career move: cosmetic dentistry

1. You help improve people’s smiles. As a dentist, you will be constantly improving people’s smiles. This can be in the form of the many different services that you can offer your patients. If you choose to go into cosmetic dentistry, then you can offer services that will improve people’s appearances. This can be in the from of anything from teeth whitening to dental bridges to gum lifts. With all of the various possibilities, you can help improve smiles in various ways every single day!

2. You also improve their self esteem. You can also improve the self esteem of your patients by fixing their smiles. As a dentist, you perform many more services then just looking over your patients’ teeth. This can also entail straightening their teeth to improve their smile. This can be done using traditional braces or Invisalign. The end result will include straighter teeth and higher self esteem!

3. You can alleviate pain! Another great reason to become a dentist is that you can alleviate pain in your patients. Whether it is through the use of numbing medication or fixing a broken crown, you will be alleviating pain on a daily basis for your patients.

4. You can diagnose oral diseases. Another great reason that becoming a dentist is a good career move is that you can help diagnose oral diseases for your patients. This is very important because the earlier that you can detect oral diseases, the more time your patient will have to heal this disease. This also include preventative measures such as teaching your patients ways to prevent oral diseases, such as gum disease.

5. You have a positive career outlook. Choosing to go into the field of dentistry is wise as you will have a very positive career outlook. Dentistry is a secure field and you will always be able to grow your business with lots of patients. There will always be a need for dentists so your career outlook is very high. This gives you the opportunity to specialize in sub specialties within the dental field as well.

As you can see, there are many reasons as to why becoming a dentist is a great career move. If you are interested in going into the field of dentistry or cosmetic dentistry, then you should start looking up the prerequisites for schooling right away so that you can get started!

Dental Implants Compensate for Tooth Loss

While a traditional dentist focuses on one’s oral hygiene and the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases, a cosmetic dentist is focused on improving the appearance of teeth in order to enhance one’s smile. This means that cosmetic dentistry offers elective dental services while general dentistry addresses dental problems that require treatment.

There are many cosmetic dentistry treatments that are currently in use and that any dentist can offer. These include teeth whitening, indirect fillings, composite bonding, dental implants, dental veneers, smile makeovers, and even full mouth reconstruction.


dental implants

Perhaps the most common cosmetic procedure that any dentist would recommend is teeth whitening.  Teeth can be stained due to poor oral hygiene, smoking, or consuming food and beverages that can cause discolorations. Coffee, tea, and red wine are examples of beverages that can cause teeth to yellow. Bleaching or teeth whitening can enhance the appearance of one’s smile.

Indirect fillings, also known as inlays or onlays, are used to fill damaged teeth. Whether the damage is caused by tooth decay or is structural in nature, these provide a longer lasting cosmetic solution. Indirect fillings are prepared in a dental laboratory before they are bonded on the patient’s teeth unlike dental fillings, which are molded within the mouth. Once the inlays and onlays, which are made from either porcelain or composite materials, are ready, they will be fitted and adhesively bonded unto the teeth by your dentist.

A cosmetic dentist can also repair chipped, broken, or damaged teeth through a composite bonding procedure. The practitioner makes use of composite materials that look like enamel and applies this into the tooth’s cavity. Once the material is in place, it is shaped and hardened using a high-intensity light. When the restorative process is done, the material blends with the rest of the tooth and matches the rest of the teeth.

Dental implants are highly recommended by dental practitioners for those who are missing a tooth or several teeth. These root replacements are used in prosthetic and cosmetic dentistry to compensate for any tooth loss. Missing teeth do not simply affect confidence and other oral functions but they also cause the face to sag or collapse, which makes a person look older. Having dental implants will not just improve one’s smile as it also results in a more youthful appearance, which can significantly boost one’s confidence.

The use of veneers may be recommended to correct severe discoloration, to repair chipped or cracked or worn teeth, and if you have conspicuous spaces between your teeth. These laminates, which can either be made from composite materials or porcelain, are bonded adhesively to the tooth’s surface. Porcelain veneers can cost a fortune so you should check whether your dental insurance can offset or at least cover some of the costs.

Smile makeovers would require a combination of cosmetic dentistry procedures for best results. This involves a comprehensive aesthetics assessment, which can also reveal whether you need full mouth reconstruction. Your dentist may recommend such treatment for functional problems that involve with your teeth and bone structure, among others.


Finally getting dental work and possibly braces

My boyfriend has worked pretty much his whole life as a freelancer of some sort. He goes between translation, writing, programming, whatever he can find work in really. The problem with freelancing is that they generally pay you far under a living wage and you never have any sort of health insurance so he has gone for years without going to see a doctor or a dentist. invisalignI think he kind of lived with the situation because he didn’t feel that he had much of a choice but every once and awhile he would say something in passing that would hint at his desire to do something about his smile which he felt was quite ugly. His negative thoughts about his own smile came from a few places I think. First of all, because he had not been able to go to the dentist for a while his teeth were not exactly white gleaming pearls of perfection. Secondly, it could be argued that he probably should have gotten braces when he was a kid but for some reason or another his parents never made that push and got them for him. So now, into adulthood, he was stuck feeling ashamed and unhappy about his smile. With the push of the Affordable Care Act recently though, we are able to get decent insurance for the first time since we were in school. Of course it is still going to cost us quite a bit of money to get anything fixed with his smile but with insurance it might be doable. The first step for sure is to have some basic dentist visits to get his teeth cleaned up. After that we have even started discussing the possibility of taking him to an orthodontist and see what possibilities are down that road. I am not sure if he could be convinced to get adult braces but it is a possibility. I think his main two objections to getting braces were that he would feel less respected at work and then maybe less appealing to women. At this point he works from home since he is freelancing so he really doesn’t have to worry about people at work seeing him and I wouldn’t mind him having braces for a while if it meant that he would be happy with his smile for once. Depending on the cost difference, we could maybe even look into the possibility of getting him Invisalign. I would imagine it to possibly more expensive but if it would make him feel more comfortable that it could very well be worth the extra money. It would just mean cutting back a little more but I think that shouldn’t be too difficult to do for a good cause. I think it could make a huge difference in his life to be able to smile openly without having to be self-conscious about how his smile looks to people. Even if it means uncomfortable braces for a little bit I think it would be worth it in the long run.