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Custom decks among most popular renovation projects

Renovating a home is a huge project, depending on the extent of the renovations. Many people like to slowly work on their homes themselves, doing one project at a time, until the house is up to their standards. Others like to hire contractors and knock out a whole bunch of projects as quickly as possible. Here are the top five biggest renovation projects happening in 2014.

1. Custom decks: deck buildersThese have surged in popularity over the past few years as home ownership has recovered from its pre-recession levels. Custom deck builders such as Centennial Decks can design them so they fit your home exactly, as well as your family’s needs. A custom deck can allow for built-in seating, railings to keep children from falling, or even a place for a hot tub or grill. They range from simple to elaborate, but custom decks are seeing a huge increase in demand among homeowners, especially in certain parts of the country.

2. Landscaping: More and more people are turning away from grass sod in their backyards to fancier styles such as including specifically designed rows of rocks, bricks, and other materials to make for a nice layout in the backyard or front yard. Creating stone pathways, adding ponds or small waterfalls, or customizing a dog run for a pet are all different ways people are customizing their landscaping.

3. Kitchens: This is always a big area of the house that people like to renovate and for a lot of different reasons. Families spend a ton of space in the kitchen and home owners can be very particular about things such as appliances and counter tops. If you are getting ready to sell a house in the next year or two but your kitchen needs an upgrade, it is one of the things that real estate agents recommend not doing, but rather, allowing a new owner to come in and do their own customization. Granite counter tops are expensive and picking out a style that someone does not like might discourage a buyer instead of just leaving old counters for them to replace themselves. Cabinets, new appliances, and even new or refinished flooring can all make a kitchen come together quite nicely.

4. Bathrooms: Always a popular area for renovations, there is an increasing trend in heated tile for bathroom floors, and less tile on walls unless it is specific to the shower stall. Painting bright colors or accent walls in bathrooms, along with fun wallpaper, can be the right place for brighter colors and fun designs. Shower curtains and towels can be easily changed in and out without costing a lot of money, too, for a whole new look in a bathroom without the price tag of a renovation.

5. Nurseries: Ten years ago, there was little to no coverage of nursery designs, and today, they seem to be everywhere. People have changed the way they decorate nurseries and design forums are taking notice. Adding wood paneling, wallpaper, painting murals, and furniture such as rocking chairs are all making a comeback.